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GPR Awards – 2023 Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix

As Max Verstappen took the world championship in abnormal circumstances for the third year in a row, there were a grand array of reject talking points, from the usual driver maladies to the race weekend itself!  Lewis Hamilton takes Reject of the Race after an

GPR Awards – 2023 Japanese Grand Prix

With Max Verstappen only two laps short from yet another grand chelem, the Japanese Grand Prix was a massive reversion to the norm after the chaos of Singapore. However, as always we like to focus on the outrageous and the disastrous, and there was plenty

GPR Awards – 2023 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

As the Red Bulls floundered and Carlos Sainz Jr. triumphed, F1 fans were at last treated to a different team topping the podium in 2023, and in some style! Grand Prix Rejects reports on the best and worst from the Singapore Grand Prix.  George Russell

GPR Awards – 2023 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

After a suspiciously competent Ferrari was able to challenge in vain against Max Verstappen on home soil, the Dutchman still took his record tenth consecutive win (not counting two more sprint wins added to that). Behind him, the amount of rejectfulness made us at GPR

GPR Awards – 2023 Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix

As Max Verstappen equalled the Ascari/Vettel record for consecutive wins, it seemed on Sunday evening at Zandvoort that nothing, not even the weather, could stop the Dutchman taking a clean sweep for the rest of the year. However, with changeable conditions came rejectdom from a

GPR Awards – 2023 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

The casual F1 audience must have thought that the summer break could not come soon enough when they were treated to the Belgian Grand Prix. As Max Verstappen took his eighth consecutive  victory, much of his opposition did their best to earn our rejectful ire. 

Teammate Collision #14: Driven Recharged!

Welcome back to the Teammate Collision podcast, where this time we melt your minds with some up-to-date discussion about the late great Niki Lauda, the overarching effects of injuries on Formula 1 drivers, and the potential for 2024’s biggest blockbuster: a Driven remake! Featuring a

The Great Escape – Tiago Monteiro & Narain Karthikeyan

While Grand Prix Rejects primarily writes profiles for the official list of Rejects – those with 2 points or less under the classic F1 points system – it is no less important to stress that there are drivers who absolutely befit the spiritual definition of

Profile – Lella Lombardi

Lella Lombardi’s significance to Formula 1 history cannot be understated. As one of two women to qualify for an F1 race, she is the only one to have scored points, and half a point at that. However, while the majority focus is on that fateful

Profile – François Migault

What makes the most interesting human stories is often the compulsion involved in their rise from nothing to something. However, many Formula 1 drivers are financially quite well-endowed, and the interest in them comes from what they do rather than who they are. François Migault