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The Ten Worst Formula One Circuits Of All Time – Part Two

In the first part of this bisected article we saw some of the very worst tracks Formula One has had to offer. And yet, despite already having covered such famously bad circuits as Nivelles-Baulers, the elongated version of Bahrain and Caesars Palace, the annals of

A Grand Prix Rejects Author: An Interview with Ibrar Malik

Ibrar Malik has been a member of the GP Rejects forum for a number of years now, and has recently written a book about the fascinating, intriguing, eventful and controversial 1994 Formula One season. It was published by Performance Publishing in January 2019. Hi Ibrar. How did

RejectWatch Recap 2018 – Part 3

The exploits of unsuccessful Formula One pilots tackling other parts of the motorsport world has been so vast and reaching, we’ve needed a third article to wrap up our RejectWatch Recap 2018! Once again, to quickly recount who counts as a ‘reject’ for these purposes, we’re

RejectWatch Recap 2018 – Part 2

2018 certainly proved to be rich pickings for former Formula One Rejects in other motorsport series, given this is the second part of our RejectWatch Recap. To quickly recount who counts as a ‘reject’ for these purposes, we’re including any driver who entered a World

RejectWatch Recap 2018 – Part 1

It’s fair to say that by the time the 2018 Formula One season came to a close, most people following the championship had grown tired of it all. Could Vettel turn it all around against Hamilton? Did Ferrari truly have the better car? When will

Rejects of the BTCC

The British Touring Car Championship celebrates its sixtieth year in 2018. From its humble beginnings as the British Saloon Car Championship in 1958, the championship has passed through many iterations, including the Ford Sierra RS500 monsters of the 1980s, through the exotic and expensive Super

2014: The Sorry Saga of Sauber

Peter Sauber’s eponymous racing team became synonymous with midfield competency during their years in Formula One, notwithstanding a brief BMW-assisted detour to the front of the grid in the late 2000s. After Bavaria withdrew its factory support in 2009 as a result of the global

The 2018 GPR Season Preview

It’s that time of year again;  excitement is building within as we draw closer to seeing 20 of the best drivers on the planet take up arms and do their talking on the tarmac. Formula One is upon us once. The F1 fanbase will be hankering over

1985: From Alfa to Omega

In Formula One’s formative seasons, the Alfa Romeo name provoked fear into their competitors. By 1985 the Italian team were little more than a laughing stock in the F1 paddock. What went wrong?  The first powerhouse of Formula One, the works Alfa squad swept the first two seasons of the championship with