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An Open Letter to Sebastian Vettel

Dear Sebastian, First off, the author apologises for the awkwardness of a German writing to another German in the English language, but that comes with the territory of being an open letter.  It is over (at least for the time being): 300 Grand Prix entries,

Spygate Revisited

Last month’s column explored the butterfly effect of Michael Schumacher’s results getting the Tyrrell ’84 treatment when he was disqualified from the 1997 World Drivers Championship. Those of you who cast your minds over the question of what scenario I might spreadsheet next will not

The Michael Schumacher Disqualification

In 1984, Tyrrell were disqualified from the World Constructors Championship for their use of illegal techniques to run their cars underweight. Their results for the entire season were stripped and inherited by the runners originally behind them. In 1997, Michael Schumacher was disqualified from the