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The 2022 Season Is (Not) Over

Last Sunday, the tenth race of the long 2022 Formula 1 season took place at the vintage Silverstone Circuit. The race ended with Carlos Sainz, Jr. earning his first career victory in the premier racing series on the planet. On the other hand, someone who

Divorcing Monte Carlo?

After Formula 1 news outlets reported an agreement for a street race in Las Vegas shortly before the first Miami Grand Prix held under Formula 1 rules, Zak Brown drew major public attention. He did so by questioning one of the most established street circuits

Formula 4 – The Imperfect Storm

We are now well over 100 days into the FIA presidency of Mohammed bin Sulayem, the first non-European FIA president. Normally, this is where newly elected political leaders start to face the first real heat from the media. Given the fact that a FIA president

Every Formula 1 Driver’s Best Circuit

Motorsport, as has been previously established by the Gravel Trap, takes a lot of its challenge from the fact that its “playing surface” is the essential challenge to master for the competitor. Each driver has circuits that they favour and circuits they are great at.

How to Make a Wet Race Boring in 71 Easy Steps

Certainly, one of the most exciting things in Formula 1 is racing in mixed conditions. The balancing act of rain and a wet track with eventual sun and a drying track has led to some of the greatest moments in the history of the sport.

The Nine Alignments of Racing Circuits

One of the unique traits of motorsport in comparison to other sports is the fact that its playing surface is one of the most essential parts of the game. Unlike in virtually every other sport (famous exceptions are baseball and cricket, where unique parks and