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GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Miami was not all Liberty Media and the sycophantic motorsport press hyped it up to be, that’s for sure. Boasting a living imitation of the old Valencia street circuit, $15 hot dogs, a collection of boats glued to plastic, and an endless stream of vacuous

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

At Imola, hopes of a close championship were boosted with our first Red Bull 1-2 in six years.  McLaren returned to their 2021 form with a totally unexpected podium, and while Lewis Hamilton is giving up the fight, it seems Max Verstappen is still in

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

The last of our flyaway rounds, Formula 1’s return to Albert Park offered some much-needed familiarity after a succession of five consecutive races in empty deserts at night. After three years away, Ferrari came in strong with yet another dominant victory in the hands of

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

“Why are we still here? Just to suffer?” — Hideo Kojima “Sport is dead” — new Grand Prix Rejects slogan Events preceded the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix which were just so baffling and depressing as to render the on-track action and the spectacle of

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 is back and in style, with a race of fluctuation at Bahrain which saw the Ferrari hype train gain some real momentum for the first time in many years. As Charles Leclerc takes himself and the Scuderia to the top of the standings, fortunately

GPR Awards – 2021 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Following on from a series of ever-increasing follies from the Red Bull camp, it looked like Lewis Hamilton was going to take the championship at the death. However, a spectre in the form of Michael Masi and race control instead dropped the title right into the

GPR Awards – 2021 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

“A strange game – the only winning move is not to play” – The computer from WarGames “Just what is going on in Jeddah tonight?” – David Croft, Sky Sports F1 Commentator While a Formula 1 season hasn’t been this tight going into the closing round in

GPR Awards – 2021 Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix

As every weekend, the championship ebbs and flows within a win’s difference between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Again they made the top-two, with Hamilton again cutting back the Red Bull driver’s lead, and unsurprisingly the title battle was embroiled in controversy. On Formula 1’s

GPR Awards – 2021 Formula 1 São Paulo Grand Prix

The 2021 Formula 1 championship is tightening up, and there doesn’t seem to be any clear idea over who will win it between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. With three races still to go, this gruelling but exciting season is coming to a close, and the São

Daniel Ricciardo

GPR Awards – 2021 Formula 1 Mexico City Grand Prix

The return of the Formula 1 circus to Mexico saw perhaps a definitive moment of the season, as Max Verstappen and Red Bull triumphed the Mercedes pair in an unexpected reversal of fortune from Saturday’s qualifying. However, at GPRejects we’re discussing our top rejects and infinitely improbable