Teammate Collision – Episode #0: 2012 Reappraisal Part 1

The pilot episode of Teammate Collision is now available! Recording back in July, Lennart and Jeremy test out their podcasting chops with an extended discussion of 2012 and all its rejectdom. We ask who were the great rejects of that season, and unsurprisingly, almost everyone gets a mention. In fact, we mentioned so many people that the episode had to be cut in half! Part 2 will be released soon.

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Of course, Lennart and Jeremy are very open to feedback, so we would appreciate yours! Let us know on the forum or through GPRejects’ own email address what you think, what we could improve, and above all, what you’d like us to chat about next!


  • Jeremy Scott is an active member of GPRejects, having joined on the weekend of Monaco 2014(!). He writes for fun, but secretly wants to make a career out of it.

  • Lennart Gottorf is an opinionated motorsport fan hailing from the Federal Republic of Germany. When he isn't working on the Gravel Trap, he is struggling with his cheese cube addiction and loves reading.