Here at Grand Prix Rejects, our mods, admins, and content creators have been working all throughout their spare time to provide fantastic content for this website, while behind the scenes there is even more work going on: research, data-gathering, fact-checking, as well as the constant manoeuvres around copyright and the use of third-party content.

We are an independent website, and so run the hosting fees online out of our own pockets to keep the main site, the forum, and the wiki for all our virtual championships online. These costs are not high by themselves, but they still need to be covered and are the main challenge for Grand Prix Rejects and its ability to improve a wide range of things, including subscriptions to official magazines, better use of images, as well as hosting rights on other platforms.

Here are a few ideas of our plans moving forward:

  • With an income we would subscribe to and gain full access to the Motorsport Magazine archives, which have proved invaluable to our reject profile research so far, and potentially the rights to photo databases to enhance the visual appeal of articles across the board.
  • Subscribing to F1TV (and potentially other subscription services such as DAZN) would go a long way in allowing our researchers and content creators to view old races to get accurate accounts of events (as opposed to the current reliance on official timing and written reasoning).
  • More research-heavy pieces such as a GPR field trip series to visit museums or other sites important to reject history; video game purchases for reject game reviews, and other various motorsport-related content.
  • YouTube and video content made with professional software, to improve and embellish our reject narratives visually.

Therefore, in short, we are introducing the ability for you, the reader, to donate to Grand Prix Rejects if you choose. With that extra financial boost, we can slowly but surely improve our resources and our ability to produce the content you enjoy, more efficiently and quickly, and at a higher quality than before.

Your donation will:

  • Earn you the mark “Site Donor” on your GPR forum account, if you have one.
  • Give you a Donor role in the GPR Discord server.
  • Earn you a place on our list of donors that you can see below.
  • Earn you a free hug should you coincidentally meet any of the GPR writing staff in real-life.

You can donate to GPRejects through PayPal with the button provided below. All money will go to the funding of the website and its projects. At the end of each financial year (May 31), we will publish a complete account of all incoming and outgoing money to provide as much transparency as humanly possible.