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by Pinkd56 15 May 2021, 13:21
Gertrand Bachot wrote:Tauber stuff
Driver Name: Gulliaume Gauthier
Years of Contract (factory only): 1
Driver Status (#1, #2, Equal, Test Driver): #1
Number: 18
Pay-Driver (yes/no and must name sponsors and if tier 1 or 2): No
Rounds: All
Wage (per race): 10k

Gauthier accepts!
by Miguel98 17 May 2021, 18:07
Second round of RNG's is done! Here are the results:

Beate Nodes:
-> North Star (First Choice, All, 0/PD, #1)
-> Lennart König Racing (First Choice, 5-13, 0/PD, Equal)
1-20 - North Star
21-100 - Lennart König Racing
Result: 55 - Lennart König Racing. Brings 26k for a full season, 18000 for 9 races.

Alain Menu:
-> Union Saver Developments (Test Driver, All, 5k)
1-90 - Signs
91-100 - Refuses
Result: 87 - Signs

Hideshi Matsuda:
-> Vic Lee Motorsport (First Choice, #2, Japan, 0/PD)
Result: Brings 12000 for a full season. 1K for one round. He accepts.

Bill Tempero:
-> Vic Lee Motorsport (First Choice, #2, USA, 0/PD)
Result: Brings 72000 for a full season. 6k for one round. He accepts.

Farouk Dangor:
-> Vic Lee Motorsport (First Choice, #2, South Africa, 0/PD)
Result: Brings 32000 for a full season. 2k for one round. He accepts.

Fabrizio Giovanardi:
-> Mitsubishi Ralliart Europe (First Choice, #1, 1-4, 6-10, 12-13, 5k)
1-20 - Misubishi
21-100 - Italy to do touring cars full-time
Result: 86 - Italy to do touring cars full-time

Slim Borgudd:
-> Mitsubishi Ralliart Europe (Second Choice, #1, 1-4, 6-10, 12-13, 5k)
1-90 - Accepts
91-100 - Refuses
Result: 50 - Accepts

Kurt Luby:
-> Mitsubishi Ralliart Europe (First Choice, #1, 5, 5k)
Result: Accepts.

Philippe Verellen:
-> Mitsubishi Ralliart Europe (First Choice, #1, 11, 5k)
1-50 - Accepts
51-100 - Refuses
Result: 95 - Refuses

Deon Joubert:
-> Pyramid Motorsport (First Choice, #2, South Africa, 5k/PD (Tier 2))
1-90 - Signs
91-100 - Refuses
Result: 58 - Signs. Brings 40k for full season, 3000 for one race.

Jeff Krosnoff:
-> Pyramid Motorsport (First Choice, #2, America, 5k/PD (Tier 2))
1-75 - Signs
76-100 - Refuses
Result: 27 - Signs. Brings 17000 for one season, 1000 for one race.

Tiff Needell:
-> Nissan Janspeed Racing (First Choice, 5k, PD)
1-95 - Signs
96-100 - Refuses
Result: 8 - Signs

Budgets have been updated accordingly. You can find them here:

Entry List

We still have some empty seats, so Pilot, CaptainGetz12 and Pinkd56, you have48 hours to post bids for these seats.

Mario on Gutierrez after the Italian Grand Prix wrote:He's no longer just a bit of a tool, he's the entire tool set.

18-07-2015: Forever in our hearts Jules.
25-08-2015: Forever in our hearts Justin.
by CaptainGetz12 17 May 2021, 19:00
Mitsubishi Ralliart Europe

Driver Name: Éric Bachelart
Driver Status (#1, #2, Equal, Test Driver): #1
Number: 11
Pay-Driver (yes/no and must name sponsors and if tier 1 or 2): Yes, Tier 2, Lee Cooper
Rounds: 11
Wage (per race): 5k

Driver Name: Thierry Tassin
Driver Status (#1, #2, Equal, Test Driver): #1
Number: 11
Pay-Driver (yes/no and must name sponsors and if tier 1 or 2): Yes, Tier 2, Batibouw
Rounds: 11
Wage (per race): 5k

If this doesn't work, I will adjust Borgudd's contract to the following:

Driver Name: Slim Borgudd
Years of Contract (factory only): 1
Driver Status (#1, #2, Equal, Test Driver): #1
Number: 11
Pay-Driver (yes/no and must name sponsors and if tier 1 or 2): No
Rounds: 1-4, 6-13
Wage (per race): 5k
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Some guy at Circuit de Catalunya wrote:Lance! Sorry Man.
by Frentzen127 21 May 2021, 18:19
During a meeting with Mauricio de Narvaez at Club El Nogal in Bogota, it was brought to Luis Fernando Botero's attention that it wouldn't be too complicated for his organization to dovetail its racing activities in IMSA with an entry into the American rounds of WTCM. It was also hinted that should there be a team willing to field promising drivers from the country, the ACC might be able to persuade some big hitters to join and/or provide support to any such organization so that to ensure their display will be competitive.
Intrigued at these suggestions, Botero had a look at the WTCM rulebook and determined that while as expected he wasn't in a capacity to enter the championship full-time and just entering the American rounds made little financial sense, a part time entry into the series was a worthwhile endeavor -particularly if the developments hinted by de Narvaez came to pass.
To that end he decided to squeeze some extra sponsorship money from his drivers to make a minor expansion of his workshop with the aim of participating in a part-time basis in the WTCM championship this year with a view at a full time entry for the following season, even if time was now a bit of a concern. The WTCM arm of the organization will be nominally ran independently from the rest of the Botero Racing team to ensure any financial hardship or fallout does not affect the IMSA operations.
To that end, Botero WTCM Racing formally applies for and entry in the 92 season as follows:

Team Name: Botero Racing WTCM
Team Country: USA
Vehicle: BMW 318is '91
Number of Cars: 2 (Bought from the used cars garage)
Rounds: 1,3,5,6,9 depending on available slots
Team Numbers:37,38

Driver bids (Drivers already make part of the IMSA squad of Botero Racing):

Driver Name: Honorato Espinosa (COL)
Driver Status: Equal
Pay-Driver: Yes (Avianca)
Rounds: 1,3,5,6,9 depending on available slots
Wage (per race): NA

Driver Name: Felipe Solano (COL)
Driver Status: Equal
Pay-Driver: Yes (Madiautos Mazda, Yokohama)
Rounds: 1,3,5,6,9 depending on available slots
Wage (per race): NA

Backup bid/test driver:
Driver Name: Miguel Morejon (CUB)
Driver Status: Equal/Test as applicable
Pay-Driver: Yes (Exxon, Montes de Oca-Calle Ocho)
Rounds: 1,3,5,6,9 depending on available slots
Wage (per race): NA

DEPORTIVO CA... pfft hahaha can't say that with a straight face!
Misses Minardi dearly. :(
by pasta_maldonado 10 Jun 2021, 20:35
To: WTCM Stewards
From: Mazdaspeed Team Taisan

It has come to our attention that the Toyota Carina II has been running a rear wing 1.5mm over regulation width during the WTCM Round of Australia. As such, we would like to protest all Toyota works and independent drivers as we believe their results to be gained from an illegal car.

Klon wrote:more liek Nick Ass-idy amirite?
by pasta_maldonado 10 Jun 2021, 22:06
Kinnikunivers wrote: In regards to Mazda's protest, we at TOM's proclaim our innocence concerning the rear wing. Union Saver development told us that the car respected all regulations, and we would be very upset if if turned out to be all lies.

We at TOM's pride ourselves in beating the competiton fair and square within the rules, and as such, we'd be willing to terminate our partnership with Union Saver Developments with immediate effect and switch to customer Carinas or another manufacturer should those allegations turn out to be true, as we don't deal with people who abuse our trust.

Mazda are grateful for TOM’s support in this matter.

Klon wrote:more liek Nick Ass-idy amirite?
by Frogfoot9013 10 Jun 2021, 22:13
Andre Newate wrote:It would be in Toyota's best interests for them to sell me a works team 1992-spec Toyota Carina II for Team Racing immediately, or the LegCo and ExCo will see to it that they never sell another car in Hong Kong ever again.

James Hunt, commentating on the 1991 German Grand Prix wrote:The Benettons looking very smart together on the track, mostly because they're both going so slowly.
by SeedStriker 11 Jun 2021, 12:04
Union Saver Developments Press Conference

After reading some allegations about the legality of the WTCM's Toyota Carina II/Corolla II, we at USD feel that we've been incriminated without basis. The construction of the car was made following the series specifications at the last detail, and we take proud in out work not only in the WTCM, but also in the several racing series our organization is participating.
We will respect TOM's decision to switch to the customer version of the car IF that is inevitable, and we will not sell our products based on blackmails or another dubious affairs.
by Pinkd56 11 Jun 2021, 18:15
Following Neal's success in the opening round, Pyramid would like to purchase a second Carina and will offer young Matthew the rest of the season.

(We will move all the part timers into the newly entered #93 car)
by CaptainGetz12 12 Jun 2021, 06:00
Mitsubishi will join the other manufacturers regarding the legality of Toyota's car. We wish for a more responsive BoP system to allow for closer racing, otherwise Toyota will sweep the season.

Some guy at Circuit de Catalunya wrote:Lance! Sorry Man.
by Miguel98 12 Jun 2021, 13:28
Round 1 - Symmons Plains Raceway


Pre-Qualifying Qualifying: Dry
Pre-Qualifying: Dry
Qualifying: Rain
Feature Race: Dry
Sprint Race: Dry

Friday Morning Report
Heat 1 Pre-Qualifying Qualifying

Heat 2 Pre-Qualifying Qualifying

Friday Afternoon Report
Heat 1 Pre-Qualifying

Heat 2 Pre-Qualifying

Saturday Morning Report
Qualifying Results

Saturday Afternoon Report
Feature Race Results
(game crashed, so no simresults)

Sunday Report:
Sprint Race Results

Championship Standings
Updated Budgets

Upgrades aren't allowed after this round.

Autosport, March 1992 wrote:What has happened to Bachot?

Silvio Bachot took the world by storm last season in World Touring Car Masters. Aboard the Tauber Motorsport prepared E30 M30 Evo, the belgian driver took six wins en route to become the first independent driver to win the overall WTCM title.

In a surprise twist during the off-season, Bachot left Tauber Motorsport and signed for the british team Vic Lee Motorsport, who has found new life in the series by striking a partnership with Mazda - and that was even before Tauber went down the same path, making Bachot's move seem even more surprising within that context!

But even with everything surrounding Bachot's surprising move, it was on track where performance was to be shown. And at Symmons Plains Raceway, performance was not meant to be shown. Bachot failed to qualify, got beaten in both the qualifying and race of pre-qualfying by the local John Trimbole who, and with the outmost respect for the man, isn't exactly know for his outright speed. It's time to question then, just after a single round: what has happened to Bachot? What has happened to the man who was voted Driver of the Year last year by Autosport?

The question seems complicated once you look at it. Bachot has mostly driven rear-wheel drive cars throughout his career, and its clear he wasn't fully adapted to the 323F come Australia. He also struggled with traffic during qualifying, where he couldn't pull a clean lap. Rumours say that, after qualifying, he went to the stewards and complained about the driving skills of the field, calling them a "bunch of c*nts who had no interest in getting out of the way". The race wasn't better for him - he did make a decent start, but he soon found himself behind the one year old Sierra of Kayne Scott, which proved very hard to overtake down the long'ish straights of the australian circuit - his chance of making the races this weekend was done after 3 laps.

It's clear that Bachot's talent behind a touring car didn't disappear overnight, and that the circunstances behind his weekend weren't the best. But the facts are as forward: he was the worst Mazda on pace all weekend long. If Bachot wants to prove that last year it wasn't all about Tauber Motorsport unlocking the potential of the E30 M3 Evo, he needs to show at Japan already that he isn't here to be beaten by his team-mates. He is the champion, after all.

written by Neill Bogan

Autosport, week after the race wrote:Protest against Toyota dismissed by the FIA, CAMS counters veredict

The 1992 World Touring Car Masters season started amidst controversy this weekend at Symmons Plains Raceway. A dominant performance by Toyota across the weekend turned some heads around in the paddock, as the 1992 Carina II took all the available wins, pole positions and fastest laps at the australian racetrack.

The initial complaints from other manufacturers started on friday, as Vauxhall went up to the stewards room to ask for a review of the Carina II bodywork - claiming that there was no way the japanese manufacturer could be that much faster than the new Cavalier. After the feature race, Mazda filled also filled a complaint onto the stewards regarding the legality of the car. The protest was signed by Vauxhall and Lada at least - and those were the manufacturers that revealed openly that they were putting up a protest.

FISA's first report regarding the protest was released today and reads as follows: "FISA stewards have reviewed the protest request regarding the legality of the 1992 Toyota Carina II's entered by Union Saver Developments, TOM's and Pyramid Motorsport. The analysis of the aforementioned vehicles has shown that they are in full accordance with the championship rules and no action will be taken. The protest issued by Mazda is, therefore, dismissed."

However, in the land Down Under, an independent analysis conducted by the stewards of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), says otherwise. "A request sent by Vauxhall led us to examine the Carina II's between the feature and the sprint race, overnight. Our analysis concluded that, while the aerodynamics of the car were indeed according to regulation, we found that the car's were running slightly underweight to the regulations once we drained the fuel. We sent our report and conclusions to FISA yesterday.", mentioned a statemen sent to Autosport by the australian government body.

Regarding the CAMS' conclusions, FISA has issued an statement claiming that they are "analyzing the report" and that the final conclusions regarding the investigation should be announced in the following weeks.

The 1992 World Touring Car Masters season will carry on in two weekends at the japanese circuit of Aida. Patrick Watts and Toyota are the championship leaders going into the home race for the manufacturer.

To be continued...

Mario on Gutierrez after the Italian Grand Prix wrote:He's no longer just a bit of a tool, he's the entire tool set.

18-07-2015: Forever in our hearts Jules.
25-08-2015: Forever in our hearts Justin.
by Frogfoot9013 12 Jun 2021, 22:48
The South China Morning Post wrote:Controversial 'Toyota Ban' Amendment Added To Imports/Exports Bill; Taxi Drivers Furious
In what can only be described as a bizarre twist to the tense political bickering surrounding the Imports/Exports Bill (1992) currently being debated in the LegCo, a shock amendment calling for a total ban on all imports of Toyota cars into Hong Kong has completely derailed the political discussions and left in its wake a collective feeling of unfettered bewilderment over the entire territory.
The controversial amendment was added to the bill by LegCo Councillor Mike Newate, a businessman best known for his construction company Complete Fabrication. In his time on the LegCo, he has not once spoken during a meeting and this was in fact the first time he had actually participated in a LegCo meeting. The nature of the amendment immediately raised many an eyebrow as to why this of all things would be the one time Mr. Newate made a contribution to LegCo proceedings, and it did not take long to work out Mr. Newate's intentions. His son, Andre, drives in the World Touring Car Masters (WTCM), and just a few days ago, he boldly demanded that Union Saver Developments, the Austrian firm who run Toyota's WTCM team, give his Team Racing one of their Toyota Carina's (a car that won every single race at the opening weekend at Symmons Plains in Australia) or that he would 'see to it that they never sell another car in Hong Kong ever again'. This is clearly Andre's attempt at seeing to it, and it has been met with a mix of bewilderment and anger across all corners of Hong Kong.
Last night, thousands of taxi drivers, many of them driving Toyotas, paraded down Queensway in protest of the bill, causing total disruption to traffic in all of Admiralty. Many of the taxi drivers are calling for Mr. Newate's resignation from the LegCo. "What does this idiot think he is playing at? Trying to ruin the lives of countless Hongkongers because his spoilt brat of a son wasn't given the best racecar in the world by Toyota? This idiot should be booted from the LegCo now!" said Lee Chun-Yan, a proud Toyota Crown owner and taxi driver to us. Whether or not Mr. Newate will remain in the LegCo is unclear, but it already seems that the Bill is unlikely to pass, which will through the LegCo into yet further chaos.

James Hunt, commentating on the 1991 German Grand Prix wrote:The Benettons looking very smart together on the track, mostly because they're both going so slowly.
by Miguel98 18 Jun 2021, 11:14
Autosport, the week of TI Aida race wrote:FISA clear Toyota out of all charges regarding legality of the Carina II

FISA have layed down the veredict regarding the protests put upon the legality of the Toyota Carina II run by Union Saver Development, TOM's and Pyramid Motorsport by other teams. The investigation concluded that the Toyota's were in no breach of the rules at Symmons Plains Raceway.

"We investigated the claim put forward by Vauxhall, Mazda and Mitsubishi, and found that the Toyota's were running within all the specifications set by FISA and the World Touring Car Master stewards. Therefore, no penalties will be put in place to the teams who ran that vehicle during the australian round.", claimed the conclusion of the report, which presented in detail all the measures taken from all the Toyota's during the australian weekend.

Regarding the claim put forward by CAMS, FISA have, once again, dismissed the claims by the australian motorsport sanctioning body. "We took the measures multiple times across the weekend! Those australians only
took them once, and that was just before the cars were packed back to the factory. We can't take into consideration those sort of low standards to put forward some conclusion that a team is cheating the rules.
", claimed a spokesperson from FISA. CAMS have yet to answer on the claims done by FISA, although rumours say that CAMS-sanctioned tracks won't be in the calendar next year due to the conflict of words between the two sanctioning bodies.

The World Touring Car Masters championship will move forward to Japan in the next few days, to the TI Circuit Aida. Patrick Watts leads the championship on 24 points.

Communication sent to teams on thursday night before the race wrote:Subject: Added ballast rules
From: [email protected]
To: Group: All WTCM Teams

Good night everyone,

We know this is in short notice, but the FISA council has decided to introduce an added ballast rule, starting this weekend at TI Circuit Aida. The new ballast rule will be run on top of the normal ballast applied to the top eighth in the drivers championship. It will be applied to the 1992 spec of the cars (manufacturer and privateers) from which the manufacturer sits in the following order in the manufacturer championship:

1st - 30kg
2nd - 20kg
3rd - 10kg

No complaints will be accepted regarding the newly implemented system.

Best regards,
Jean-Marie Balestre

Mario on Gutierrez after the Italian Grand Prix wrote:He's no longer just a bit of a tool, he's the entire tool set.

18-07-2015: Forever in our hearts Jules.
25-08-2015: Forever in our hearts Justin.
by Pinkd56 18 Jun 2021, 12:20
Steve Neal wrote: I'm a bit flabbergasted that TOM'S would come out in the way they did by aligning themselves so brazenly with Mazda and the others rather than quite rightly supporting Toyota and us. It's clear they don't understand where their bread is buttered. If I was Toyota I'd be reevaluating my relationship with TOM'S.

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