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AltF1 Turbo Era - 1980 - Five Nights at Bernie's
Some things never change...
1979 saw the continuation of the three way fight for overall honours between Lotus, Ferrari, and Williams. Williams had speed and reliability on their side, but even a Thomas Nurmester at one with the racing Gods couldn't threaten Alan Jones for long. Ferrari's challenge, rather predictably, fell to the wayside in a cloud of protest, consternation, and oil smoke.

...Until they do.
However, 1979 was a year that will be forever remembered for the rise of Bernie Ecclestone's and FOCA's challenge to FISA authority. The sometimes-passive-sometimes-aggressive fighting has escalated beyond the cancellation of the Dutch Grand Prix to a full-blown breakaway, the World Federation of Motorsport, who are threatening to run a parallel series to the main Formula One World Championship. For now, neither Bernie nor arch-rival FISA President Jean-Marie Balestre are willing to back down. How long can things stay that way?

1980 Spreadsheet

Link in case table does not work properly for you.
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- Budget spreadsheet is in the first post
- Budgets should be updated after each race, but I am lazy. For up-to-the-minute information, visit the discord and ask me.
- More information is provided on the Budgets tab of the spreadsheet.

Team Stats
- Team Stats describe your ability to build grounds effects chassis, as well as your reputation towards drivers.
- NEW: Team stats are now visible on the Budgets tab of the spreadsheet.
- NEW: Teams no longer have a base GE level.
- Reputation is affected both by the historical relevance of your team, and by WCC finishing order.
- Nationality bonus only affects drivers of the same nationality as your team.
- Reputation and nationality bonuses affect the RNG odds when you sign drivers, designers, suppliers, and tyres.
- More information is provided on the Team Stats tab of the spreadsheet.

NEW: Alignment
- NEW: All teams must align with FISA or FOCA.
- NEW: There will be elements of gameplay that will be affected by your choice.

- All teams must renew their engine supply.
- NEW: The engine upgrade available for your engine is listed in advance. This can be bought once after the specified race.
- Older spec Cosworth engines are available for cheaper prices, but worse power and reliability.
- Ford Cosworth remain free to sign anybody.
- Ferrari will only supply the factory team, Matra must supply Ligier, Alfa must supply Autodelta, and Renzo must supply Dywa.
- NEW: Alfa can sign one customer team for 1979.
- More information is provided on the Engines tab of the spreadsheet.

- Chassis generation table has been updated with 1978 ranges.
- Grounds Effects chassis can now be constructed.
- Drag and Chassis Weight added. 1 drag point = 0.1 BHP, and 1 Chassis Weight point = 1 grip point.
- Chassis aging. Chassis age (loose performance) per year according to the given stats on the spreadsheet.
- A team may introduce a new chassis mid season
- Teams can sell custom chassis to collectors for 10% of it's build price. This does not apply for customer chassis of any description.
- Each team MUST build it's own chassis
- The cost of each chassis is for TWO chassis.
- More information is provided on the Chassis tab of the spreadsheet.

NEW: Designers
- Designers are like drivers – they have team preferences, must be paid a wage, can be hired for a maximum of 1 year, and are subject to RNG.
- NEW: Designer contracts are now 1-year.
- Designers do not affect mid-season upgrades
- NEW: You must pick one bonus and one penalty for your chosen designer. This cannot be changed after they have been hired.
- NEW: You can get 2 bonuses for double the designers wage, but you also get 2 penalties.
- NEW: A designer can only be offered the wage stated on the spreadsheet OR double the wage stated on the spreadsheet.
- NEW: All teams must sign a designer to build and upgrade chassis.
- More information is provided on the Designers tab of the spreadsheet.

Travel Costs
- All teams must pay some form of travel costs.
- NEW: Full season travel package for FOCA teams is £250,000. For FISA aligned teams, this is £300,000
- NEW: Part-time European travel is no longer available
- More information is provided on the Tyres and Travel Costs tab of the spreadsheet.

NEW: Sponsors
- Sponsors provide money in three tiers in return for goals being achieved.
- Each team has one sponsor with three goals, Tier 1 goals offering the most money (and are the hardest to achieve) and Tier 3 goals offer the least money (and are the easiest to achieve).
- You may only target one tier at a time, even if your choices fulfill all three tiers. This must be stated.
- Some privateer teams have sponsors, but some do not.
- More information is provided on the Sponsors tab of the spreadsheet.

NEW: Suppliers
- There are four types of supplier: Petroleum, Lubricant, Parts and Tyres. Each supplier brings benefits to the team.
- Each team M U S T sign a tyre supplier. All other suppliers are optional.
- Teams may choose ONE supplier from: Petoleum, Lubricant, and Parts.
- The amount of contracts available for a supplier is listed.
- The price listed is paid once to secure the supplier, and once to purchase the upgrade.
- Supplier upgrades come at random times, and an RNG will be run to determine the effectiveness of the upgrade.
- If more offers than number of contracts are received, an RNG will be run.
- Pay attention to the Brand Image.
- More information is provided on the Suppliers tab of the spreadsheet.

NEW: Chassis Upgrades
- The upgrade system has been altered. Instead of slots and tiers, you can make up to ten upgrades to your chassis in the areas of Grip, Weight, Drag and Handling
- Each upgrade costs exponentially more than the last.
- You can make 1 upgrade in each area between races, and 1 pre-season

- Drivers are paid up front for their contracted wages
- If a driver is sacked, you do not get repaid their wages. (Severance fee)
- If a driver on a two season contract is sacked in the first year of his contract, you must pay him the rest of the first season’s wages only.
- Minimum wage for the season is £50,000 for paid drivers - That is £2,941 per race.
- A team MUST enter TWO drivers into each race weekend they enter in order to be eligible for both championship points and all prize money
- The maximum contract length is 2 years.
- Wages deemed to be grossly unfair (£50,000 for a championship winner, for instance) will be blocked.
- NEW: You do not pay the wages of an injured driver. (This is covered by insurance)

Pay Drivers
- All young drivers start as pay drivers, until their success warrants a paid wage.
- A pay driver may be offered a paid wage to double your odds of securing them in the RNG. However, this transforms a driver from a pay to a normal driver for the rest of their careers.
- There are two tiers of pay driver - tiers 1 and 2. Tier 1 drivers will bring in between in between £150,000 and £300,000 to your team over the course of a season. Tier 2 drivers will bring in between £25,000 - £150,000.
- A RNG will be conducted once a driver receives an offer to see how much money they will bring for the season.
- If you wish to hire a pay driver for less than the full season (17 races), his/her money pot will be divided by 17, and then multiplied by the length of his/her contract.
- All pay drivers pay their money up front.
- If a pay driver is sacked, your forfeit the money they would have paid for the duration of their contract.
- For fictional pay drivers, a RNG of 50/50 will be run to determine whether they are Class 1 or Class 2.

- A team may not go into debt. Any team that cannot purchase a chassis (if applicable) or engine is declared bankrupt.
- I reserve the right to remove struggling teams from the game, if their presence is not historically accurate.

- Drivers signed to replace injured drivers may be signed on the injured driver's terms, or may be signed to a new contract,
- You do not pay the wages of an injured driver. (This is covered by insurance)
- Injuries are decided by RNG.

- I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic/ill-thought out entries of any description.
- Each team can enter a maximum of TWO cars into every race weekend.
- There will be 26 starters for every Grand Prix. In the case of attracting more than 28 entries, a Pre-Qualifying session will be run, with the fastest teams on combined times going through to Qualifying.

Prize Money
After each race, prize money is to teams in the following fashion:
Point Scorers: £50,000
Top 10, but no points: £30,000
Top 15: £15,000
Below 15, finish: £10,000
DNF: £3,000
DNQ: £2,000
DNPQ: £1,000
DSQ: -£50,000

Prize money will also be awarded at the end of the season.

-Prize money is does not double. I.e. Two point scorers =/= £100,000

Points System
9-6-4-3-2-1, with the best 11 results counting towards the championship.

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For now, all current team owners need to report in to claim their teams for the 1980 season.

These can be viewed in the first post, but are:

Williams - pi314159
Tyrrell - Dom
Brabham - peteroli34
Lotus - kinnikuniverse
March - Miguel98
McLaren - Klon
Renault - Wizzie
ATS Kauhsen - Nuppiz
Arrows North Star - Pinkd56
Theodore - Pilot8
Alfa Romeo - GertrandBachot
Ligier Talbot - Butterfox
Ferrari - Hermann95
Hesketh - This Could Be You
B&S Fabrications - Aislabie
Osella - Getz
Riviera - Frogfoot

Klon wrote:more liek Nick Ass-idy amirite?
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Autosport, circa 1980 wrote:Boro and Lola part ways before season starts

Boro and Lola have parted ways just before the 1980 F1 season starts. Despite the dutch outfit appearing in the official entry list made available by the FIA earlier this month, it has now come to fruition an announcement that the partnership between the dutch team and the british manufacturer has come to an end. Autosport has uncovered that the sucessor of the T400 was ready to race and it seems it's the Hoogenboom brothers who have pulled all the backing from Eric Broadley's outfit, citing "massive differences in how to approach the 1980 season".

Rumours around the paddock is that the Hoogenboom brothers wanted to keep Brambilla alongside Arnoux in the car, while Eric Broadley was eager to turn the team into a place where young talents could bloom and work the team into the top of the sport. It seems it was not to be. Boro have raced in F1 since 1976, scoring only a single point across their 4 season tenure in the sport, courtesy of Vittorio Brambilla at the 1977 United States West Grand Prix.

I will continue with March, of course.

Mario on Gutierrez after the Italian Grand Prix wrote:He's no longer just a bit of a tool, he's the entire tool set.

18-07-2015: Forever in our hearts Jules.
25-08-2015: Forever in our hearts Justin.
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ATS Kauhsen will continue to wreak havoc on the paddock with their bizarre decisions.

Eurosport broadcast for the 1990 Mexican GP prequalifying:
"The Life, it looked very lifeless yet again... in fact Bruno did one, slow lap"
by Aislabie 13 Sep 2021, 00:16
Motor Sport Magazine wrote:Huge Changes At Spartec Headquarters

If the final round of the 1980 season was overtaken by talk of what exactly Colin Chapman was playing at by throwing money at lowly B&S, developments at their factory may provide us some answers.

If the word of local investigative journalist and self-described "British Bob Woodward" Sue Jawhard are to be believed, the answer lies not only in the cockpit but also behind it.

"I simply happened to be over 100 yards away from B&S headquarters," said Jawhard, "when I saw a face that did not look like any in my B&S employee dossier. Intrigued, I followed him to his home, outside which was a letterbox with the name 'HART' on it.

"Of course this had to be Brian Hart, the man who makes Formula Two engines! I later had this confirmed to me the following evening by an employee who just happened to be in a local pub after work hours. Chapman's money is going almost entirely into building turbo engines."

Indeed, 1979 was a watershed year for turbocharged engines, with Renault taking a Grand Prix win, and even the enigmatic Renzo building one which saw Dywa finish not-last in prequalifying.

Other car manufacturers are said to be developing turbocharged engines, but Spartec - courtesy of Lotus' money and Hart's knowledge - are the only privateer doing so. One presumes that Lotus intend to take up such an engine at reduced cost in 1981, while also hiring a driver with a year's experience driving them.

It remains to be seen if this audacious plan can work.

Bob Sparshott declined to comment, while Sue Jawhard declined to remain silent even if it meant mentioning something when questioned that she might later wish to deny in court.
by CaptainGetz12 13 Sep 2021, 18:40
Enzo Osella wrote:It is with great pride that I enter FOCA as a grand prix constructor. These are tumultuos times for the sport, but with our funds and new leadership we will carry through and make our mark on the top flight of motorsport.

I will continue as Osella Squadra Corse takes over the remains of Scuderia Everest.
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Phase 1: Sponsors, Alignment and Travel Fees

Your opening gambit of the 1980 season will be to select your sponsor tier goal, FISA-FOCA alignment, and Travel Fees.

Your alignment from 1979 has carried over, but you can change this. All teams now must choose an alignment.

All travel for this year is for the full season and will be deducted automatically from your budget after you have chosen your alignment. Remember, travel fees are more expensive for FISA members.

The information on your sponsor tier goals can be found on the spreadsheet. If you have any questions, ask me.

Please submit your choices using the form below:

Code: Select all
Team Name:

Tier Goal:

1980 Pre-Season phases:

Phase 1: Sponsor tier, Alignment, and Travel Costs
Phase 2: Drivers and Designers
Phase 3: Chassis
Phase 4: Engines & Suppliers (incl. tyres)

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Team Name: ATS Kauhsen Racing Team
User: Nuppiz

Alignment: FOCA
Tier Goal: Tier 1

Eurosport broadcast for the 1990 Mexican GP prequalifying:
"The Life, it looked very lifeless yet again... in fact Bruno did one, slow lap"
by Aislabie 15 Sep 2021, 21:12
Autosport wrote:Spartec "delighted" with Hart turbo engine

Bob Sparshott, vocal team principal of B&S Fabrications, has been talking to the press again. This time it is to affirm that he is "delighted" by his team's prototype Hart turbo engine.

In the process of confirming that the team had indeed built a race-ready powerplant, Sparshott described a private testing session held at Silverstone in which 1979 driver Rupert Keegan was at the helm of a Spartec G71A fitted with the 1980 Hart engine.

"We knew it would be quicker, but we were surprised how much quicker," Sparshott said, "On the day, Rupert was able to go 1.5 seconds quicker in the turbo car than he did in the other one that still has last year's Cossies."

With the team also expected to make gains from the chassis and the driver's seat compared to most races last year, 1980 will be a fascinating year.
by Miguel98 15 Sep 2021, 23:00
Team Name: March
User: Miguel98

Alignment: FOCA
Tier Goal: Tier 2

Mario on Gutierrez after the Italian Grand Prix wrote:He's no longer just a bit of a tool, he's the entire tool set.

18-07-2015: Forever in our hearts Jules.
25-08-2015: Forever in our hearts Justin.
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Autosport, early 1980 wrote:Gauthier to carry on with March for 1980

Up and coming french star Guillaume Gauthier has announced he will carry on with March for the 1980 Formula One season. The british manufacturer still has not announced its second driver.

Robin Herd, team principal at March, said the decision to keep Gauthier was an easy one, after Harvey Jones had been announced to leave the team. "Guillaume is the team leader we are looking for. He is the future of Formula One and we are delighted to have him motivate the team into another strong season in 1980".

Known for his shyness and outright speed, Gauthier last season failed to score any points for March - even if he came close a few times. His speed on saturday was particularly impressive and with another season under his belt, it is expected for the french driver to improve even further in his progression up the grid.

Regarding his team-mate, Herd has said discussions are happening with several drivers, but nothing has come to fruition yet. The biggest candidate for the second seat seems to be 1979 British Formula 3 champion Chico Serra, who brings backing from Sokol. News on the second March drivers are expected to come soon enough.

Regarding expectations for the season, Herd said the goal is to continue to be in the midfield battle and to score points. "The rule changes aren't exactly perfect for us, but we are working with Guillaume to make sure we have the best car available to us come Kyalami in a few weeks. Our goal is to try to score more points than last year and be right in the midfield battle again.", said the March principal and one of its founding fathers.

The 1980 Formula One season starts on the 24th of February, with the South African Grand Prix, at Kyalami. It will consist of 17 races throughout the year, with the closure being the Dubai Grand Prix, a new appearance in the F1 calendar.

Mario on Gutierrez after the Italian Grand Prix wrote:He's no longer just a bit of a tool, he's the entire tool set.

18-07-2015: Forever in our hearts Jules.
25-08-2015: Forever in our hearts Justin.
by Nuppiz 16 Sep 2021, 15:03
Autosport wrote:Nurmester furious at Lotus

Thomas Nurmester, 33, has publicly stated that he has no interest in carrying on with Lotus following some of the actions the team took in late 1979:

"I was already rather livid because I lost the title due to the car being unreliable late in the season. Then I found out that Colin Chapman poured £800,000 to B&S Fabrications to fund some kind of a "young driver program". That money should've been used to build a good car for this season! Needless to say I have no interest in carrying on with them if the management is this shambolic."

Thomas Nurmester will only consider offers from the top 7 teams of 1979, excluding Lotus. Failing that, he will take a sabbatical.

Gabriella Mondadori is open to all offers, and will bring sponsorship with her.

Arsenio Matarazzo is available to anyone desperate enough for totally-not mob money.

Eurosport broadcast for the 1990 Mexican GP prequalifying:
"The Life, it looked very lifeless yet again... in fact Bruno did one, slow lap"

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