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1988 thread:

1988 wiki page: ... SBK_season




The world is changing.

The Berlin Wall fell down, marking the end of the cold war.

George Bush became president of the United States.

The Hillsborough disaster shook english football to its core.

The Japan economic bubble seemed to have no end in sight.

The Game Boy was released.

17 teams competed in Formula 1.

The british police force arrested 250 people for celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge...those damn Hippies!

Tim Burton's Batman was released, becoming the highest grossing film of the year and kickstarting the superhero movie trend that still goes on today.

An intense power struggle began in MotoGP, with the FIM and the International Road Racing Teams association having their own version of the FISA-FOCA war...and, unbeknownst to both parties, one key player of that war would soon enter the frey, eager to fulfill his dreams of complete monopoly over all of motorsports...but mainly to fill up his wallet.


While all of this was going on, Maurizio Flammini, founder and president of FG Group, counted the dollars he earned from the inaugural World Superbike Championship season. The new championship for production motorcycles got off to a better start than anticipated, with top riders and prestigious Manufacturers filling the grids and Spectators coming to the races in decent numbers, enamored by the action and the title duel between american honda star fred merkel and australian Bimota rider Mick doohan, the latter being crowned the first ever WSBK champion at the last round in his home country.


Behind the scenes, however, not everything was rosey as it seems. Flammini spent a lot of money poaching events from the Formula TT championship and setting up the groundbreaking on-site medical treatment tents, and while the first season did make a profit, it wasn't exactly big, either...not to mention failing to get Misano and Le Mans to extend their contracts, as they signed lucrative long-term deals with the 500cc world championship to host the Italian and French GP, forcing flammini to improvise cheap one-year deals with the Autodromo Enzo y Dino Ferrari in Imola and the Circuit Paul Ricard for the Italian and French rounds.

Facing the uncertainty of a world that is changing at a frightening pace, the gearheads and riders of WSBK returns to the tracks for its second year of existence. With Doohan gone to 500cc, who will end the decade as World Superbike Champion? What does the future hold for Motorcycle racing? Will Flammini and FG Group ride out the storm?




Image the new stage of history.

Superbike racing is back for a second round!


You have until next thursday to sign up to Alt-WSBK 89! Come all, come all!


-Team Green Kawasaki Deutschland (Klon)
-BP Harris Racing Team (Pasta)
-Römer Racing (Pasta)
-Crighton Engineering (Novitopoli)
-Yoshimura Suzuki Factory team (Dom)-Confirmed on the Discord
-Lucky Strike Fior (Hawk Aussie)
-Petronas Tech3 Racing Group (Shawn)
-Rob Muzzy Racing Kawasaki Factory team(Sir Rob Dylan)-Agreed to take over on Discord at the end of last season.
-Hardwick Racing (reserved for Rick Hammercat. Deal agreed on Discord)


-Team Rumi RCM (john Rafael)
-Bimota Corse (PinkD56)
-Flor Bath Racing (Frogfoot)
-De Kruiser de Ruyter (PeterOli)
-Uponor Pennanen Racing (CarlosPace)


-Fast by Ferracci (Ducati Factory Team)
-Crighton Engineering (Norton Factory Team) (taken by Novitopoli)


Moriwaki Engineering (JPN)
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I'd be interested in claiming Crighton Engineering.

sw3ishida wrote:Jolyon Palmer brought us closer as a couple, for which I am grateful.

Ataxia wrote:
Londoner wrote:Something I've thought about - what happens to our canon should we have a worldwide recession or some other outside event?

We'll be fine. It's Canon, non Kodak.
by pasta_maldonado 21 Oct 2021, 22:06
BP Racing will return to contest the 1989 season. If the grid needs filling, Romer Racing will also return.

Klon wrote:more liek Nick Ass-idy amirite?
by Kinnikuniverse 28 Oct 2021, 17:16
Welp, time is up for the Sign-up period! All teams run by unconfirmed users will be temporarily run by me until said users confirm their presence and claim their teams. All available teams will also be run by me until someone takes them over.

Now, onto phase 2:

Alt-WSBK 89 Rules


-Each round has 2 races. One on saturday, the other on sunday

-Two Practice Sessions on Friday, followed by One Qualifying session and Race 1 on Saturday. Qualifying session #2 and Race 2 on Sunday.


-The real life WSBK points system from 1989 will be used.

1st - 20
2nd - 17
3rd - 15
4th - 12
5th - 10
6th - 8
7th - 6
8th - 5
9th - 4
10th - 3
11th - 2.5
12th - 2
13th - 1.5
14th - 1
15th - 0.5


-Each teams cannot enter more than 2 bikes.

- Each Manufacturer has a limited number of bikes available.

-Who gets what bike is determined on a first come, first served basis. Factory teams will obviously automatically get the current spec bikes.

-each team MUST run the same bike for both of its riders. It cannot be two bikes from different manufacturers.

-Fast by Ferracci-Ducati (ITA)- Available for takeover

-Team Rumi RCM-Honda (ITA)- reserved for John Rafael

-Yoshimura Racing-Suzuki (JPN)-Dom

-Rob Muzzy Racing-Kawasaki (USA)-Sir Rob Dylan

-Bimota Corse-Bimota (ITA)-Pinkd56

-Crighton Engineering-Norton (new for 1989) -Novitopoli

Lucky Strike Fior (HawkAussie)
Hardwick Racing (Reserved for Rick Hammercat)
BP Harris Racing Team(Pasta)
Röhmer Racing (Pasta)
Flor Bath Racing (Frogfoot)
Uponor Pennanen racing (Reserved for Carlospace)
Petronas racing group (Shawn)
Der Kruyser Der Ruyter (reserved for Peteroli34)
Moriwaki Engineering (New for 1989)
Team Green Deutschland (Klon)

Users who participated in the previous season must confirm whether they return or leave.

Users who confirms their return  must confirm wheteher they return with the same team, or they run another team. If they run another team, they must specify whether they are giving control of their former team to another user or they fold the previous team.


-both real and Fictional teams are allowed. fill up the application letter below:

TEAM NAME (nationality)
Number of rounds:
Number of bikes:
Sponsor: (not necessary, just to add flavour)
Rider 1: up to 4 bids
Rider Status:
Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Up to 4 bids
Rider Status:

Factory teams, here is the application letter for you:

TEAM NAME (nationality)
Number of rounds:
Number of bikes:
Detuning for privateers:
Sponsor: (not necessary, just to add flavour)
Rider 1: up to 4 bids (number of years. Factory teams only)
Years (factory teams only):
Rider Status:
Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Up to 4 bids
Years (factory teams only)
Rider Status:

-A maximum of 42 Riders per round will be allowed. 22 Full time Entries Minimum, the rest can be part-time.


Both real life and canon Riders can be used.
Riders Performance will be based on canon results and real life results.
In case a canon Rider doesn’t have any previous background associated, he’ll get his talent file RNG’ed..

Speaking of RNGs...

Since there is no budget in this edition of alt-WSBK, teams can bid on any riders they want. HOWEVER, some riders won't just ride for anybody. Some riders have conditions and standards to meet in order to sign them, so Bid Wisely.


Fast By Ferracci-Ducati Factory team

Moriwaki Engineering (JPN)-Automatically gets two 89-spec Honda RC30

Here is the bike allocation spreadsheet: ... p=drivesdk

And the available Rider Spreadsheet: ... p=drivesdk

I will let the confirmed users put their bids in first, then i'll put mine for the rest of the teams last.

Good luck!

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by Frogfoot9013 28 Oct 2021, 17:28
Flor Bath Honda will be continuing for 1989 with two bikes again, with Zoè Ferrer as one of the riders.

Will update with plans for second bike later.

James Hunt, commentating on the 1991 German Grand Prix wrote:The Benettons looking very smart together on the track, mostly because they're both going so slowly.
by Klon 28 Oct 2021, 17:35
TEAM NAME: Team Green Kawasaki Deutschland
Number of rounds: 8 (1-4, 7-10)
Bike: Kawasaki ZXR-750
Number of bikes: 2
Sponsor: Marushin

Rider 1: Doug Chandler
Rider Status: #1
Rider 1: Anders Andersson
Rider Status: #1
Rider 1: Scott Russell
Rider Status: Equal
Rider 1: Peter Rubatto
Rider Status: Equal

Rider 2: Michael Galinski
Rider Status: Depends on Rider 1, either #2 or Equal
Rider 2: Udo Mark
Rider Status: Depends on Rider 1, either #2 or Equal

by Pinkd56 28 Oct 2021, 20:06
Bimota Corse (ITA)
Number of rounds: All
Number of bikes: 2

(Equal status for both bikes)

Rider 1: Davide Tardozzi (ITA)
Fabrizio Pirovano (ITA)
Stéphane Mertens (BEL)
Loris Reggiani (ITA)

Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Alex Vieira (FRA)
Fabrizio Pirovano (ITA)
Mauro Ricci (ITA)
Stéphane Mertens (BEL)
Loris Reggiani (ITA)
by pasta_maldonado 28 Oct 2021, 21:14
Team: BP Racing
Bike: Yamaha 1989
Number of bikes: 2
Rounds: All

Rider 1:
Carl Fogarty
Ron Haslam
Rob McElnea
Aaron Slight
Roger Burnett

Driver 2:
Fred Merkel
Davide Tardozzi
Donnie McLeod
Kevin Mitchell
Steve Manley

Römer Racing (SUI)
Number of rounds: All
Bike: Bimota
Number of bikes: 2

Riders in order of preference:
Bruno Kneubühler
Nicholas Schmassman


Team: BP Racing Juniors
Bike: Yamaha 1988
Number of bikes: 1
Rounds: All

Rider 1: Paul Iddon

Team: Equipe Bolle
Bike: Bimota 88
Rider: Pierre Bolle
Rounds: All

Team: Broccoli Corse
Bike: Ducati 88 if available (if not Bimota 88)
Rider1: Massimo Broccoli
Rider 2: Fabio Biliotti
Rounds: All

Team: Team Wanty
Bike: Honda
Rider: Rene Delaby
Rounds: All
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Klon wrote:more liek Nick Ass-idy amirite?
by HawkAussie 29 Oct 2021, 10:19
TEAM NAME: Lucky Strike Fior (ITA)
Number of rounds: All
Bike: Bimota YB4 88
Number of bikes: 2
Rider 1:
Giancarlo Falappa [ITA]
Fausto Gresini [ITA]
Fabrizio Pirovano [ITA]
Davide Tardozzi [ITA]

Rider 2:
Baldassarre Monti [ITA]
Anders Andersson [SWE]
Jari Suhonen [FIN]
Aaron Slight [NZL]

Officially Retired
by Dom_Wings 31 Oct 2021, 22:20
TEAM NAME (nationality)
Yoshimura Suzuki - USA

Number of rounds: All
Bike: Suzuki GSX-R750
Number of bikes: 2
Detuning for privateers: Yes
Sponsor: Suzuki

Rider 1: Doug Polen
Years (factory teams only): 2
Rider Status: #1

Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Ron Haslam
Years (factory teams only): 1
Rider Status: #2

Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Rob McElnea
Years (factory teams only): 1
Rider Status: #2

Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Takumi Ito
Years (factory teams only): 1
Rider Status: #2

Join the GPR Discord server!
by novitopoli 01 Nov 2021, 08:14
Norton - Crighton Engineering (GBR)
Number of rounds: All
Number of bikes: 2

Driver 1
Carl Fogarty
Terry Rymer
Rob McElnea

Driver 2 (also #1 if none of the above succeeds)
Darren Dixon
Brian Morrison
Aaron Slight
Rob Phillis
Trevor Nation

sw3ishida wrote:Jolyon Palmer brought us closer as a couple, for which I am grateful.

Ataxia wrote:
Londoner wrote:Something I've thought about - what happens to our canon should we have a worldwide recession or some other outside event?

We'll be fine. It's Canon, non Kodak.
by Hammercat42 01 Nov 2021, 18:15
HardWick Racing [AUS]
Number of rounds: All
Bike: Yamaha FZR750
Number of bikes: 2
Sponsor: Orange (Telecoms)
Rider 1: Malcom Campbell [AUS]
Rider Status: 1st (Equal if Rob McElnea joins)
Rider 2: Aaron Slight [NZL]
Rider Status: 2nd rider.

Other Bids for 2nd rider:
Jari Suhonen [FIN]
Rob Phillis [AUS]
by Rob Dylan 02 Nov 2021, 23:39
Factory teams, here is the application letter for you:

Rob Muzzy Racing Image

Number of rounds: All
Bike: Kawasaki
Number of bikes: 2
Detuning for privateers: No
Sponsor: Hershey

Rider 1: up to 4 bids (number of years. Factory teams only) Doug Chandler Image
Years (factory teams only): 2
Rider Status: Equal, but MURICAN
Rider 1: up to 4 bids (number of years. Factory teams only) Scott Russell Image
Years (factory teams only): 2
Rider Status: Equal, but MURICAN
Rider 1: up to 4 bids (number of years. Factory teams only) John Kocinski Image
Years (factory teams only): 2
Rider Status: Equal, but MURICAN

Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Up to 4 bids Raymond Roche Image
Years (factory teams only) 2
Rider Status: Equal
Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Up to 4 bids Fabrizio Pirovano Image
Years (factory teams only) 2
Rider Status: Equal
Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes): Up to 4 bids Stéphane Mertens Image
Years (factory teams only) 2
Rider Status: Equal

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!
by Kinnikuniverse 03 Nov 2021, 11:38
Fast By Ferracci (Italy)
Number of rounds: all
Bike: Ducati 851 Strada 89
Number of bikes: 2
Detuning for privateers: yes
Sponsor: Agip
Rider 1:

- Raymond Roche (FRA)- 3 years
Rider Status: #1

Rider 2 (if running 2 bikes):
Fabrizio Pirovano (ITA) - 2 years
Stéphane Mertens (BEL) - 2 years
Giancarlo Falappa (ITA) - 2 years

Rider Status: #2

Team Rumi RCM (Italy)
Bike: Honda RC30 89
Number of bikes: 2
Sponsor: gypsy gums

Rider 1:
-Fred Merkel (USA) - 3 years
-Carl Fogarty (GBR - 3 years
-Stéphane Mertens (BEL) - 2 years

Status: Equal

-Carl Fogarty - 3 years
-Stéphane Mertens - 2 years
- Bubba Shobert - 2 years
-Shunji Yatsushiro - 1 year

Rider status: equal

Moriwaki Engineering (JPN
Bike: Honda RC30 89
Number of Bikes: 2
Sponsor: molson if we get goodfellow. Cabin if not.

Rider 1:
-bubba Shobert
-Gary Goodfellow
- rob phillis

Status: equal

Rider 2
- Shinichi Itoh
- shunji yatsushiro
- tadahiko taira

Status: equal

Bike: Suzuki GSX-R750 88
Suzuki 88
Number of bike: 1
Sponsor: Uponor, Hesburger
Rider 1
Jari suhonen
Taru rinne
Saku Mikkola (DEC: Me)
Kimmo Salo (DEC: me)

DKDR Racing
Bike: ducati 851 strada 88
Number of bikes: 2

Rider 1
Karel Vandroogenbroeck (team owner)

Rider 2
Marco Gentile
Cees doorakkers
Ernst geschweinder
by Kinnikuniverse 09 Nov 2021, 12:34
1989 World Superbike Championship season preview.

The inaugural WSBK season in 1988 was a success, with prestigious maufacturers and top riders and teams competing for the honor of being called the first ever world superbike champion. In the end, it was australian Mick Doohan who won the first WSBK title by only two points over american Fred Merkel. With increased manufacturer involvement, more and more people coming into the stands and doohan gone to the 500cc world championship, the stage is set for an even more memorable sophomore season. Lets meet the teams and riders who will compete in this year's championship.

Bimota YB4 88

#1 Giancarlo Falappa (ITA)
#21 Baladassare Monti (ITA)

The surprise team of last season, Casta Fior's outfit will have a steep mountain to climb if they want to defend the title. With Doohan gone and Bimota imposing the 88-spec YB4 on them, the team nonetheless has proven that they can create something out of their modest means. Reigning Italian SBK champion Giancarlo Falappa comes in to fill Doohan's big shoes. The Lion of jesi is very talented, and we can expect him to bring the bike to places it shouldn't be. Joining him is his main rival Bladassare monti, whom he pipped the italian title from in the last round of the 1988 season at mugello.

Bike: Ducati 851 Strada 89
#21 Raymond Roche (FRA)
#6 Stéphane Mertens (BEL)

Title challenge is the word of the day for the 1988 teams champions. Eraldo Ferracci brought back Raymond Roche and brought in Belgian Stéphane Mertens to hopefully lead Ducati to both the riders and manufacturers titles.

Team Rumi RCM (ITALY)
Bike: Honda RC30 89
#12 fred merkel (USA)
#5 Carl Fogarty (GBR)

Perhaps the strongest lineup heading into the first round at Donington, Oscar Rumi put togethr a championship-winning squad. Fred merkel is determined to dominate the championship following his near miss in 88, while fogarty is surely gonna turn heads on a top bike. What is most interesting, however, is that both riders have equal status. Could this lead to inter-team trouble throughout the season?

Bike: Bimota YB4 89
#2 Davide Tardozzi (ITA)
#4 Alex Vieira (FRA)

If it ain't broke, why fix it?

That's what the higher ups at Bimota Corse said upon re-signing the manufacturers title winning duo of Davide Tardozzi and Alex Vieira. Witth an updated cjassi and the new yamaha engine,rumoured to be the most powerful on the grid, the 89-spec YB4 looks like a really good machin, and they are favorites to retain their manufacturers title, while Tardozzi hope for a riders title to go along with it.

Bike: Kawasaki ZXR-750
#8 Doug Chandler (USA)
#10 Fabrizio Pirovano (ITA)

Rob Muzzy is now armed with the brand new Kawasaki ZXR-750, codenamed "Ninja". The stylish new bike is a lot faster than the GPX750 according to pre-season testing, easily a strong candidate for 4th best bike on the field. Doug Chandler returns with a long term deal, while former ducati rider Fabrizio Pirovano switches to kawasaki thanks to being given equal status. If there is a candidate for most improved team this year, its gonna be Rob Muzzy Racing.

Bike: Suzuki GSX-R750
#23 Doug Polen (USA)
#14 Rob McElnea (GBR)

Despite Stéphane Mertens winning a race last year, Hideo "Pops" Yoshimura opted to only keep his american phenom Doug Polen around for a long term deal, making him the unquestioned #1 at his team. Rob McElnea, meanwhile, joins as #2 following an average year on a Yamaha bike. Yoshimura are a strong candidate for best of the rest.

BP Harris Racing Team (GBR)
Bike: Yamaha FZR750R OW01
#78 Roger Burnett (GBR)
#56 Kevin Mitchell (GBR)

Times are gonna be a bit tough for Harris following the departure of breakout star Carl Fogarty to Honda and Rob McElnea to Suzuki. Long time motoGP veteran Roger Burnett comes in after failing to find a ride in 500c, while 250cc journeyman Kevin Mitchell fills up the second yamaha

Moriwaki Engineering (JPN)
Bike: Honda RC30 89
#15 Bubba Shobert (USA)
#40 Shinichi Itoh (JPN)

Midori Moriwaki, famous Japanese Honda tuner, brings his expertise into WSBK after conquering the all japan road racing series. A longtime partner of Honda, Moriwaki negotiated two 89-spec bikes for his team, and he proceeded to sign two very promising young talents: reigning AMA champion Bubba Shobert and, at the request of sponsor Cabin, One of the hottest prospects in Japan: Shinichi Itoh.

We can expect this team to battle it out for points in the midfield.

Bike: Yamaha FZR750R OW01
#19 Malcom Campbell (Aus)
#111 Aaron Slight (NZL)

Jeff Hardwick has an interesting combination to go along with the new yamaha bike this year. Malcom Campbell comes back hoping to compete regualrly for top 6 finishes, while young Kiwi Aaron Slight makes his debut after showing some good things in the Australian SBK series. Question marks over Slight's lack of experience shouldn't distract hardwick that much, and expect them to enter the midfield points battle.

Bike: Norton RCW 588
# 27 Terry Rymer (GBR)
#62 Darren Dixon (GBR)

The curiosity of the grid? Definitely.

British firm Norton enters WSBK with their radical, rotary-powered RCW588 bike, of which they used in both the british Superbike Championship and the 500cc world cahmpionship last year in a one off appearance at the british GP. Brian Crighton hopes that his pet can match the japanese and italian establishment this year. Terry Rymer, the impressive youngster that broke out last year in BSB, will be joined by series champon Darren Dixon. Can the all british team succeed on the world stage?

Bike: Yamaha FZR750R OW01
#55 Dominique Sarron (FRA)

Hervé poncharal, Guy Coulomb and Bsrnanrd Martignac did pretty well in their first season together, wkth Dominique Sarron and the yamaha bike regularly scoring points. Now armed with the powerful new 89 spec, Sarron hopes to competes for the higher echelons in the standings. Also, rumour has it that the team might expand into grand prix motorcycle racing in the 250cc category for 1990, again, with yamaha.

Bike: Suzuki GSX-R750
#11 Jari Suhonen

Pennanen continues with its mission to give a platform for finnish riders to hone their skills at the highest level.

Bike: Honda RC30 88
#81 Violetta Cacciatori (NED)
#32 Zoé Ferrer (SPA)

The all-female underdog team returns to the grid.

Bike: Ducati 851 Strada 88
#78 Karel Vandroogenbroeck (NED)
#99 Cees Dorakkers (NED)

Karel Vandroogenbroeck enters an all-dutch ducati team with the arrival of 250cc rider Cees Dorakkers as his teammate.

Bike: Bimota YB4 88
#24 Nicholas Schamssmann (SWI)
#83 Andy McGladdery (GBR)

Bruno Kneubuhler retires in MotoGP, LEAVING Römer to hire another 500cc rider, Nigi Schamssmann, to replace him, with Isle of man regular Andy McGladdery coming in.

Bike: Kawasaki GPX750
#69 Paul Iddon (GBR)

Another road racing regular, Paul Iddon, buys himself a Kawasaki GPX750 to conpete as a privateer.

Bike: Bimota YB4 88
#150 Pierre Bolle (FRA)

French GP veteran Pierre Bolle enters his own team.

Bike: Ducati 851 Strada 88
#67 Massimo Borccoli (ITA)
# 100 Fabio Biliotti (ITA)

A pair of GP veterans team up to enter WSBK.

Bike: Honda RC30 88
#500 René Delaby (BEL)

I don't know who they are.

Alright, that makes up the grid for the 1989 Wolrd Superbike Championship Season! See ya soon, for the the first round of the championship: the round of Britain at Donington Park!
by Kinnikuniverse 15 Nov 2021, 17:03


[b]Alt-WSBK 1989 Round of Donington

April 1-2 1989

2 24-Lap races

Race 1 Results
To be written, cause i don't have time

Race 2 Results
See above



It was a bright, sunny afternoon on april fool's day at Donington, and the 50,000 race fans from leicester gathered near Castle Donington for the season opener of the second edition of the FIM World Superbike Championship.  35 riders, 2 of them part-time, will tkae part in both the championship and the week-end's meeting, which is a big increase in number of entries for the full season than in the first year.


The week end was all about Team Rumi RCM Honda's Calr Fogarty. The Blackburn native, who transfered from harris yamaha, would tear the roof down all week end, dominating race 1 in an impressive display of riding skills, while in race 2, he showed up against competition from the likes of Ferracci Ducati's raymond roche, yoshimura suzuki's doug polen and rob muzzy kawasaki's fabrizio Pirovano to win a very intense race 2 to sweep the week end.


"I felt good the moment we first arrived at the track during free practice." Stated a  foggy after race 2. "From the first practice session, everything went smoothly. The bike was great, the lads in the pits did an excellent job setting it up and it was just a perfect week end for us."

If Fogarty was all smiles after race 2, Fred Merkel was left wondering what happened. The America, who lost the inaugural title to Australian Honda 500cc rider Mick Doohan by only 2 points last year, is seen by many as the favorite to win the riders title. However, his ambitions starts off ratger poorly, as he struggled with the new 89 spec honda RC30 all week-end long,only coming up with a 9th and an 8th place finish in both races.


"The bike is a lot more twitchy this year." said Merkel. "I had to really be careful with the handle, cause i popped up some wheelies inadvertedly many times during the week-end. Its alright, though, i feel its only a matter of time before i'll adapt and things get rolling."

Raymond Roche had a solid week-end at donington. The french ducati rider, whom Eraldo Ferracci places high hopes on to win titles this year, finished on the podium in race 1 and had a really good run as leader in the first half of race 2 before being overtaken by Fabrizio pirovano. It went all downhill from there, as the frenchman would only finish in 4th place, a disappointment for roche and ducati's high standards.


"I lost, what, 3 places in 2 laps in race 2?" A disappointed roche said to a french journalist working for l'Équipe. "The bike was running really well, but, i dunno, i felt like the engine ran out of juice quicker than anticipated. Knowing Eraldo and the team, they are definitely gonna look into it in the following weeks."

Especially if Eraldo Ferracci and ducati wants to win both the teams and manufacturers titles. Stéphane Mertens, Roche's newest teamate, struggled mightily on the ducati, which is a lot harder to ride than the suzuki he previously rode.


Speaking of suzuki, it was a decent outing for pops yoshinura's outfit. Doug polen was on his way to a podium in race 1 when he was jinxed by davide tardozzi of Bimota and he fell down at redgate. However, he bounced back and got 3rd place in race 2. His new teammaye, Rob McElnea, had a mich smoother weekend, finishing 5th in race 1 and 10th in race two and being at ease behind the handlebars of the GSX-R750.

Bimota kept their good run of form going, with alex vieira scoring pole position i  race 1 and finishing runner up and 6th in race two, while davide tardozzi was on course for consecutive 4th place finishes when mechanical issues forced him to retire late in race 2.

The Kawasaki ZXR-750 showed it was definitely better than the GPX 750 of last year. Fabrizio Pirovano of Rob Muzzy racing almost won race 2, but carl fogarty had other ideas, while doug chandler had a quiet, but solid week-end, finishing 10th and 5th, while anders andersson surorised everybody in race 1 by finishing 6th in the part time team green deutchland ZXR.


"Definitely a better bike" says chandler. "Acceleration is top notch, you don't have to lean too much when you take corners. A bit of work to do on the finer details, but all in all, we are satisfied."

Other impressive rookies include american bubba shobert on the moriwaki honda, who finished 7th in race 1, and the italian SBK champion Giancarlo Falappa, who most notably came from the midfield all the way to the points in race 2.

The best yamaha rider was neither those of BP Harris Racing nor the aussies of Hardwick racing. It was the frenchman Dominique Sarron on the Petronas Tech3 Yamaha, who finished 8th and 7th. The french outfit looks to play spoiler in the top teams's ambitions.

Finally, Brian Crighton isn't too disappointed in Norton's WSBK debut, with BSB champion Darren Dixon scoring points in race 1.


"Its definitely a feeling out process" described crighton. " but we liked what we saw from the bike. We now know what to work on in order to turn it into a race winner at the highest level."

The next round of the World Superbike Championship will take place at the Hungaroring, in Hungary, on April 29-30.
by Kinnikuniverse 25 Nov 2021, 16:22
Alt-WSBK 1989 Hungary week-end review


April 29-30

Two 20-lap Races

1) Fred Merkel-Honda
2) Raymond Roche-Ducati
3) Davide Tardozzi-Bimota
4) Doug Polen-Suzuki
5) Doug Chandler-kawasaki
6) Stéphane Mertens-Ducati
7) Fabrizio Pirovano-Kawasaki
8) Rob McElnea-Suzuki
9) Alex Vieira-Bimota
10) Darren Dixon-Norton
11) Roger Burnett-Yamaha
12) Shinichi Itoh-Honda
13) Fabio Biliotti-Ducati
14) Anders Andersson-Kawasaki
15) Baldassarre Monti-Bimota

1) Fred Merkel-Honda
2) Davide Tardozzi-Bimota
3) Carl Fogarty-Honda
4) Raymond Roche-Ducati
5) Doug Chandler-Kawasaki
6) Fabrizio Pirovano-Kawasaki
7) Roger Burnett-Yamaha
8) Doug Polen-Suzuki
9) alex Vieira-Bimota
10) Rob McElnea-Suzuki
11) Stéphane Mertens-Ducati
12) Malcom Campbell-Yamaha
13) Bubba Shobert-Honda
14) Terry Rymer-Norton
15) Dominiqie Sarron-Yamaha



Thick clouds threatened to cause trouble at the Hungaroring, in Myogorod, Hungary, during the second round fo the FIM World Superbike Championship. Thankfully, mother nature cooperated pretty well, and we had a rain-free weekend for this round of motorcycle racing action.


One name rose above all, and that is Fred Merkel of Team Rumi RCM Honda. The stockton, california native utterly dominated the week end, scoring pole for both races and leqding from lights-to-flag, even getting fastest lap in race 1. Merkel has managed to adapt pretty quickly to the 89-spec honda rc30,  which could spell bad news for his competitors and good news for his title ambitions.

As surprising as it may sound, the week-end could have been a lot better for Oscar Rumi's team, as they had the potential to completely sweep the week-end with consecutive 1-2 finishes were not for Donington dominator Carl Fogarty retiring from race 1 for overheated brakes and finishing third behind Bimota rider Davide Tardozzi. Despite this, Rumi has demonstrated that the Honda RC30 is the bike to beat this year.

The best non-honda rider this week end was davide tardozzi of Bimota. The italian was more lucky this time around, scoring consecutove podium finishes and gaining precious points in the standings.


"Its pretty wild, i gotta admit" said a smiling Tardozzi about the new yamaha OW01 powerplant feeding the Bimota YB4 Chassis. "Leave it to tamburini to somehow build such a great chassis to tame that beast of an engine. We're definitely targetting the title!"

Meanwhile, at the other italian bike on the field, Ducati rider Raymond roche had a slightly better week-end, finishing as runner up behind Merkel in race 1, but yet again missing out on the podium in race 2.


"The way the 89-spec 851 Strada is setup this year is, admitedly, a bit of a puzzle for us." Ferracci Ducati Team boss Eraldo Ferracci said. "We're doing our best to extract the maximum potential of the bike. This time, the results shows we are heqding into the right direction. Ray is competing for podiums and wins, whiel Stéphane is adapting to the bike. I think, starting at hockenheim, things will go much more smoothly for us."

Indeed, Stéphane Mertens had a much better outing. The belgian is learning how to tame the V-Twin engined bike, finishing in an impressive 6th in race 1 and almost scoring another top 10 in race 2.

For Rob Muzzy and Kawasaki, the question remains: what could have been? The team were competiting hard for podium finishes all week end, with Fabrizio Pirovano coming closest in race 1 were not for a costly mistake at turn 12, where he went a bit too wide at the exit, allowing davide tardozzi and  ahnadful of other racers to pass him. Meanwhile, his teammate, doug Chandler, had a quiet, but very solid week-end with consecutive top 5 finishes and getting fastest lap in race 2.

Doug polen and the yoshimura suzuki team had a decent week-end, with the highlight being polen finishing 4th in race 1. The japanese-american outfit is expected to do well at the next round, at hockenheim.


Yamaha managed to score a few points, roger burnett even qualifying his BP harris bike in 3rd during race 2, while hardwick racing score their first points with malcom campbell finishing 12th.

British firm Norton continues scoring points, albeit their inconsistency is becoming an issue, with darren dixon's 10th place finish being cancelled by a woeful race 2 while teammate terry rymer saved the day by finishing 14th during that same race.

The championship comes back to the other side of the Berlin wall in West Germany, at the fast and furious Hockenheimring for round 3.
by Rob Dylan 25 Nov 2021, 17:00
Kinnikuniverse wrote:The championship comes back to the other side of the Berlin wall in West Germany, at the fast and furious Hockenheimring for round 3.
That's a lot of bikes they've got to process through Checkpoint Charlie ;)

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!
by Kinnikuniverse 05 Dec 2021, 03:34


1989 wsbk germany race report

April 29-30

Two 14-lap races

Race 1 results

1) Fred Merkel-Honda
2) raymond roche-ducati
3) Davide tardozzi-bimota
4) fabrizio pirovano-kawasaki
5) carl Fogarty-Honda
6) doug Chandler-kawasaki
7) doug Polen-Suzuki
8) stephane Mertens-Ducati
9) rob McElnea-Suzuki
10) dominique sarron-Yamaha
11) Terry Rymer-Norton
12) darren Dixon-Norton
13) giancarlo falappa-Bimota
14) bubba shobert-Honda
15) aaron slight-Yamaha

RACE 2 Results
1) Fred Merkel-honda
2) davide tardozzi-Bimota
3) Raymond Roche-Ducati
4) carl fogarty-honda
5) doug polen-suzuki
6) fabrizio pirovano-kawasaki
7) doug chandler-kawasaki
8) stephane Mertens-Ducati
9) rob McElnea-Suzuki
10) alex Vieira-Bimota
11) terry Rymer-Norton
12) ginacarlo falappa-Bimota
13) bubba shobert-honda
14) shinichi Itoh-Honda
15) dominique sarron-Yamaha



Fred Merkel, the high-flying American Honda star, has conquered the vast and dangerous forrest of Hockenheim last week-end, socring both poles, both fastest laps and dominating from start to finish in an unprecedented performance. Team Rumi RCM has now won every single race so far this season, and they show no sings of slowing down.

Not to say that there is no competition, though. Raymond Roche of Fast by Ferracci finally unlocked the potential of the Ducati 851 strada, enjoying a very strong week-end culminating in two podium finishes and being Merkel's closest challenger in the standings so far. Could he be the one to challenge Merkel and Honda's supremacy?


Another rider who had a really good week end is davide tardozzi of Bimota. The Ravenna native looks set to be best of the rest, with the potential to steal a win here and there.

The norton team has improved this week end. Both terry rymer and darren dixon scored points, while the rotary engine suited the high power track.

Meanwhile, kawasaki, suzuki and yamaha pretty much stayed where they belonged in the past few races. Giancarlo Falappa, of lucky strike fior, was the durprise runner of the week end, brining his 1988 Bimota YB4 into the point in both races.

The next round will be in spielberg, styria, for the Round of Austria.
by Kinnikuniverse 19 Dec 2021, 17:00

WSBK 1989 Round of Austria

Two 22-laps races

13-14 may


1) Raymond Roche-Ducati
2) Carl Fogarty-Honda
3) stéphane Mertens-Ducati
4) Davide Tardozzi-Bimota
5) Fabrizio Pirovano-Kawasaki
6) Doug Chandler-kawasaki
7) Doug Polen-Suzuki
8) Fred Merkel-Honda
9) Shinichi Itoh-Honda
10) Malcom Campbell-Yamaha
11) Dominique Sarron-Yamaha
12) Kevin Mitchell-Yamaha
13) Terry Rymer-Norton
14) Roger Burnett-Yamaha
15) Darren Dixon-Norton


1) Raymond roche-ducati
2) Davide Tardozzi-Bimota
3) Fred Merkel-Honda
4) Fabrizio Pirovano-Kawasaki
5) Anders Andersson-Kawasaki
6) Roger Burnett-Yamaha
7) Rob Mcelnea-Suzuki
8) Shinichi Itoh-Honda
9) Bubba Shobert-Honda
10) Dominique Sarron-Yamaha
11) Giancarlo Falappa-Bimota
12) Darren Dixon-Norton
13) Malcom Campbell-Yamaha
14) Aaron Slight-Yamaha
15) Paul Iddon-Kawasaki

Davide Tardozzi being pursued by the two rob muzzy Kawasakis of Fabrizio Pirovano and Doug Chandler


Carl Fogarty on his Honda RC30. The young blackburn-native was leading in race 2 when he suffered a rear tire puncture with 4 laps to go.


Fred Merkel negotiating a curb. The American, so dominant during the last 2 rounds, has shown signs of weaknesses, not doing better than 8th in race 1 and only getting on the podium due to the vast amount of attrition during race 2.


Raymond Roche, celebrating his two wins on the week-end. The Frenchman enjoyed a perfect round in Austria, and is now in command of the riders championship heading into the north american tour.

Up next is the first leg of the north american tour at the fast and furious Road America.
by Kinnikuniverse 10 Jan 2022, 14:46

Alt-WSBK 1989 Round of Canada Report

June 3-4

Mosport Park, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Two 24-lap races


1) Raymond Roche-Ducati
2) Carl Fogarty-Honda
3) Davide Tardozzi-Bimota
4) Rob McElnea-Suzuki
5) Fred Merkel-Honda
6) Alex Vieira-Bimota
7) Bubba Shobert-Honda
8) Doug Chandler-kawasaki
9) Darren Dixon-Norton
10) Fabrizio Pirovano-Kawasaki
11) Aaron Slight-Yamaha
12) Roger Burnett-Yamaha
13) Malcom Campbell-Yamaha
14) Kevin Mitchell-Yamaha
15) Dominique Sarron-Yamaha

1) Davide Tardozzi-Bimota
2) Alex Vieira-Bimota
3) Stéphane Mertens
4) Dominique Sarron-Yamaha
5) Doug Chandler-kawasaki
6) Carl Fogarty-Honda
7) Darren Dixon-Norton
8) Doug Polen-Suzuki
9) Shinichi Itoh-Honda
10) Malcom Campbell-Yamaha
11) Roger Burnett-Yamaha
12) Baldassrre Monti-Bimota
13) Aaron Slight-Yamaha
14) Terry Rymer-Norton
15) Cees Dorakkers-Ducati



Davide Tardozzi with his Bimota YB4, which led him to victory lane in race 2


despite winning race1 in dominant fashion, Raymond Roche suffered mechanical issues in race 2, which forced him to retire. Nonetheless, he stays in command of the championship with 150 points.


Carl Fogarty had an up and down weekend, finishing runner up in race 1, but only coming up with a 6th place finish in race 2 following a pitiful 2nd qualifying session


Fred Merkel missed out again on some good results, only finishing 5th and retiring late in race 2 as he is witnessing his main rival Raymond Roche getting further and further away from him in the standings


Rob McElnea was the surprise rider of the week-end. The Brit carried the Suzuki team on his back, scoring a career best 4th place finish in rcae 1 and was challenging for a podium in race 2 before falling off at quebec while avoiding raymond roche.


In race 2, Alex Vieira and Stéphane Mertens stole the entire week-end with their intense showdown for 2nd place. The French-Portuguese rider would barely edge out the Belgian Ducati rider to secure a 1-2 finish for Bimota.

Next up is the second leg of the north american tour, as WSBK visits Road America for the 6th round of tbe championship.

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