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by HawkAussie 13 Jun 2021, 09:56
August 30, 1969
After the rumors started at the previous round in Mallara, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and the British Motorsport Association has announced that the two members of the FIA will combine forces for something that has been seen in cricket and rugby league and more closer to the touring cars, we also have the speedway version of the Ashes. The format if successful will see Australian drivers take on British drivers in the cars that rule that particular landscape.

The format of the Ashes Series has also been announced with each team being allowed to pick one driver from each of the two nations to be paired up into a team in what the BMA had a "fair ruling" with the cars being part of the Australian Touring Car Championship and not the British Saloon Car Championship. At this moment of time there seems to be no front runner in car choice, but rumors are circulating that the Morris Cooper S might be the choice of car for the series.


Hello and welcome here to the first Touring Car Ashes, a collaboration between the ATCC and the BSCC with national pride now on the line in this Ashes format which will take place over 4 rounds.

1. Symmons Plains (30 November 1969)
2. Lakeside (14 December 1969)
3. Warwick Farm (21 December 1969)
4. Surfers Paradise (11 January 1970) (Old one not the current one).

The sign up sheet is as follows:

Team Name:
Nationality: (Either Australia or Great Britain)
Australian Driver: (Can be real or fictional)
Background: (If choosing fictional)
British Driver: (Can be real or fictional)
Background: (If choosing fictional)
Rounds Entered:

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