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The Elite Racing League is a racing series made by ShaneEyoho as a long term project to see what would happen if the FIA decided to build an alternative series to F1 however this would soon lead it to become something else entirely, it is a single seater series and is not canon in the Formula rejects universe.


The Elite Racing League (commonly abbreviated to ERL and often written as 'Elite Racing League') is a FICTIONAL open-wheel single-seater racing competition, the competition itself made its debut to the racing world in 1960 as a Formula 1 support series, the formula is governed by the FIA. What makes this season unique compared to the likes of F1, most of the races take place during the off season alongside various winter series meaning the roster of drivers and constructors can vary from season to season.

The Series started out, as mentioned, in 1960 and has seen many good races between now and then, the seasons can be seen below, as the ERL has a long and somewhat complicated history, each season page will run through the basics of what happened during those seasons.

The series stayed as a support series for the “main” racing series until 1983 when it broke away from the FIA and went independent following backing from title sponsor FedEx.

The series has been compared in the past to the Tasman Series due to its developmental nature however in 1983, the breakaway prompted new teams and drivers to make a name for themselves as the record books were wiped clean and the racing was adjusted to suit several international audiences.

More to be added soon as the thread is a work in progress
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Origins and 1960 season
The series origins can be traced back to 1958 when British businessman Stuart Langley was trying to get into the developing world of motor racing - just like most young people of the time, Langley loved cars and liked to see racing drivers do their thing on what’s was the next public roads closed off for the weekend.

Stuart Langley met with some investors and FIA representatives in a London conference room to discuss an idea of a car racing series “like the World Championship but different” he said before going through several essay sized documents with the representatives.

Langley was invited to an FIA meeting in Monaco a few weeks later to discuss terms and further ideas should his series get the green light, at the meeting Langley got over excited when talking about his pitch that the FIA supposedly thought he was mad however he calmed down and tried again, two hours went by and the FIA decided that Langley would get his Elite racing league series...but it would play second fiddle to the World Championship (F1) and act as a development series of sorts where drivers can gain experience or just race for fun, this infuriated Langley but he didn’t bother to argue.

By 1960, word was going round the F1 paddock and it gathered interest reasonably quickly with the Cooper Car Company, Lotus and Vanwall all setting up ERL programs with their drivers with Ferrari and Porsche joining too to add an international flare to proceedings (it may have also been down to Enzo Ferrari not wanting to be upstaged by the British teams of the time.)

Each team kept their F1 lineup to prevent confusion (this would change as the seasons went on) and a calendar was made by Langley and his investors with the first round happening in April 1960 at Silverstone in Great Britain.

The opening two rounds of the season saw victory for the Cooper Car Company and Jack Brabham who won at Silverstone taking a Grand Slam and the now famous Reims-Gueux in France meaning he took a dominant championship lead.

Round 2 was held at the Reims-Gueux track in France - it is now famous for its lack of corners with the track essentially being three long straights with three sharp braking zones to connect the streets together, as mentioned before Jack Brabham would win but the race would be a lot closer with Lotus and Jim Clark providing a challenge throughout.

Round 3 would be held at the iconic Circuit de Monaco with Cooper and Bruce McLaren taking Pole position however Cooper’s run of dominance would end with Jim Clark and Lotus winning the race, the Ferrari of Phil Hill would also show pace.

The next round was at Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Italy and it was delight for Enzo Ferrari who would see Phil Hill cross the line in first place following a demanding race which used both the Grand Prix and oval layout, Porsche and their all American lineup of Masten Gregory and Fred Gamble would struggle throughout the season with Porsche supposedly ready to fire both men at a moments notice of another bad performance occurred.

The second half of the season would see Porsche continue to struggle whilst Cooper and constructor Climax would keep their winning ways much to the dismay of Enzo Ferrari with Bruce McLaren of Cooper winning the European Round at Imola and the final round at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Jim Clark for Lotus would win the Dutch Round at Zandvoort between the two races Bruce McLaren won.

The two championships were decided at the final round in Germany at the aforementioned Nurburgring with the two Cooper cars of Brabham and McLaren, the Lotus of Jim Clark and Ferrari of Phil Hill all in contention to win.

The race itself saw Cooper get a 1-2 giving Brabham the drivers championship after he finished 2nd and Cooper the manufacturers title.

The ERL would slowly gain popularity through the decades however Langley pulled the plug in 1982 due to a lack of driver safety, the series would stay in limbo.
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A New Era Begins - Welcome to the ERL
Following several fatal accidents in the 1980s in the Formula 1 World Championship, the Elite Racing League was pulled by the FIA from F1 weekends out of safety pre-cautions, this bought the end of the “GP Era” and also Langley’s time as series runner who quit in a fit of rage.

Despite all this, the Elite Racing League had gained a cult following in Australia, Canada, the UK and the United States and these markets were desperate to get the highly competitive series back to people this time with USAC in the United States leading the charge however the FIA refused calling it an “outdated mess” prompting USAC to create the Elite Racing League association with businessman and campaign spokes person Seth Land at the helm.

Land claimed that the ERL was becoming too much like F1 and needed its own identity so said that this new ERL would see brand new teams and manufacturers compete for supremacy through many disciplines of racing with races happening on ovals, road courses and street tracks (the latter two producing the ERL’s best racing) this was met with criticism saying that it was now just copying CART.

Land retaliated saying that races in the UK, Canada and Australia are also expected on the calendar for the first rebooted season in 1984.

Land then proceeded to look for title sponsors, he struck a deal with FedEx to become the title sponsor for the series.

For those in the community interested in taking part in this new era of the ERL then please fill out this application form, you can use real or fake teams and as for the drivers you can choose whoever you want as long as it would be realistic fir the time, you can also just make up your own, another post will be made regarding the schedule and entry list in due time.

Team Name:
Works or Privateer?:
Constructor: (eg: Honda)
Main Sponsor (and how much there bringing into the team):
Drivers/Car Numbers:
Team Requests (anything you would like to see in this series?):
Schedule requests (any track the team would like to see on the schedule?):
Optional Introduction (how did this team find out about this series? this is optional):
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by Butterfox 01 Oct 2021, 09:58
Well why not i'd say.

Team Name: VDS
Works or Privateer?: Sort of privateer (as in: commissioned a car from another company)
*Edran (founded in 1984, so i can cheat a bit and have them do something already)
*Vanhool engines (Vanhool defenitely had the capacity)
Main Sponsor:
*The family Vanderstraeten-Ponthoz is related to Stella Artois. I'd reckon they could make a few million if they wanted.
*Thierry Tassin brings Debic sponsorship, probably worth a few 100K
*Fina/Bastos have also sponsored Tassin, they could also bring a few million.
Drivers/Car Numbers: 21 (belgian national holiday) and i reserve the right for 20 for a second car if i can afford it.
Team Requests: /
Schedule requests: A Euro500 race.
Optional Introduction; This team wants to promote Belgian drivers, however, can not compete with the works teams in F1.

For a driver i'm targeting Thierry Tassin, and Later maybe Eric Bachelart and Didier theys.
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I don't know what i want and i want it now!
by This Could Be You 01 Oct 2021, 10:41
Team Name: Panther Westwinds Ltd
Works or Privateer?: technically works, tho not an especially large concern
Constructor: Panther
Engines: Zakspeed 1500/4 or failing that Cosworth DFYs (Ford had a supply deal with Panther at the time, and our chief designer worked on the Zakspeed-built Ford C100 )
Main Sponsor: Jindo Corporation (Panther at this point is owned by Kim Young-Chull, one of the chairmen of said corporation)
Drivers/Car Numbers: 5/6
Schedule requests (any track the team would like to see on the schedule?): Street circuit using parts of the old Brooklands track (Panther's factory is nearby)
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Named after HRT, now on HRT
by Rob Dylan 01 Oct 2021, 10:53
Great to know that Dickenson-Lightley gets a spin-off series

Team Name: Team Lightley
Works or Privateer?: Privateer
Constructor: Lightley
Main Sponsor: Famous Grouse
Drivers/Car Numbers: #3 and #4
Team Requests: only that everyone is a good sport ;)
Schedule requests: A British track of course! Preferably during the summer when it's not so chilly

Optional Introduction: The ERL is the classic series for George Lightley to pay off some of his father's debt incurred during the three years of participation in the Dywa series (assuming George didn't die in canon). With his father Moe Lightley and business partner Castle Dickenson no longer involved, George has gone from driver to team manager, and the team is now simply Lightley. By entering early and getting substantial sponsorship (from various alcohol and food companies around the UK), George is hoping that the team becomes the dominating force in the ERL as well as the leading British team.

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!
by Hermann95 01 Oct 2021, 11:30
Team Name: Ledl Racing Team
Works or Privateer?: Car manufacturer, but will need an engine supplier. So whatever fits that description.
Constructor: Ledl
Main Sponsor: Memphis Cigarettes
Drivers/Car Numbers: #13 and #14, drivers TBA
Team Requests: -
Schedule requests: a race in Austria, either at the Österreichring or the Salzburgring, would be very welcomed.
Optional Introduction: Ledl enters the ERL to promote their 105hp sports car, AS160i. As the car is not allowed on Austrian streets, knowledge about the brand and car need to be spread around the globe.
by ShaneEyoho 01 Oct 2021, 15:08
1984 Elite Racing League season
The following section of the thread is to keep the community updated with the season however teams can still sign up.

Current Teams and Drivers
All teams for 1984 are set to use Goodyear tyres however teams can change this if they wish.

Team Lightley (GBR)
Constructor: Lightley
Engine: Honda
Main Sponsor: Famous Grouse
Drivers: 3 - Nigel Mansell (GBR)
4 - Barney Holland (GBR)

Panther Westwinds Ltd (GBR/KOR)
Constructor: Panther
Engine: Ford Cosworth
Main Sponsor: Jindo Corporation
Drivers: 5 -
6 -

Ledl Racing Team (AUT)
Constructor: Ledl-Cosworth
Engine: Ford Cosworth
Main Sponsor: Memphis Cigarettes
Drivers: 13 -
14 -

Constructor: Edran
Engine: Vanhool (Cosworth based)
Main Sponsor: Stella Artois
Drivers: 20 -
21 - Thierry Tassin (BEL)

Racing DeLorean Team (USA)
Constructor: DeLorean (with input from Lotus)
Main Sponsor: DeLorean, Run-DMC
Drivers: 26 -
27 - Donald Mann (GBR)

Van Diemen International (GBR)
Constructor: Van Diemen-Cosworth
Main Sponsor: Duckhams Oil
Drivers: 73 -
74 -

Innocenti Corse (ITA)
Constructor: Innocenti-Diahatsu
Main Sponsor: Diahatsu
Drivers: TBD - Nino Pilia (ITA)

1. Race of Great Britain - Silverstone Circuit
2. Marlboro Grand Prix of Brooklands - Brooklands Street Circuit
3. Race of Belgium - Circuit Zolder
4. Race of Austria - Osterreichring
5. EURO 500 - Hockenheimring (500 mile race)
6. ERL Miami Night Race - Streets of Miami (night race)
7. Pepsi Grand Prix of Atlanta - Atlanta Motor Speedway
8. Lone Star Grand Prix - Texas Motor Speedway
9. ERL California Grand Prix - Long Beach Street Circuit
10. Honda Grand Prix at Sonoma - Sonoma Raceway
11. Oregon State’s Portland 250 - Portland International Raceway
12. Air Canada 200 - Circuit Gilles Vileneuve
13. Chevrolet Race of Milwaukee - Milwaukee Mile
14. Battle at the Brickyard - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
15. ERL Race of Australia - Sandown International Raceway
16. FedEx Bathurst 400 - Mount Panorama Circuit (400 mile race)
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by Aislabie 01 Oct 2021, 18:56
Team Name: Image Innocenti Corse
Works or Privateer?: Works
Constructor: Innocenti-Diahatsu
Main Sponsor: Diahatsu will be either manufacturing or rebadging our engines, depending what the series allows for
Drivers: 1st driver - Image Nino Pilia
2nd driver - TBC carney Italian driver

Team Requests: More a question - are we making our own chassis and/or engines?
Schedule requests: Innocenti prefers as many Italian races as possible. Nino Pilia prefers that Italy not be mentioned at all
by ShaneEyoho 01 Oct 2021, 20:27
Teams can make their own chassis and the list of engines can be found here (Forgot to add it earlier) however if you already have an engine submitted in your application than you can keep it.

Engines for privateer teams
* Chevrolet V6 2.0 (a fictional prototype brought in by Chevrolet into the ERL)
* Ford Cosworth DFY 3.0 V8
* Honda RA163E 1.5 V6t
by Rob Dylan 01 Oct 2021, 22:47
I feel like, being a British car snob, Lightley would go for the Honda engine just so he wouldn't have to use American design on the car. Therefore, Team Lightley will use Honda engines :lol:

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!
by TomWazzleshaw 02 Oct 2021, 08:16
Team Name: Van Diemen International
Works or Privateer?: Privateer
Constructor: Van Diemen-Cosworth
Main Sponsor (and how much there bringing into the team): Duckhams Oil - Since they're owned by BP, I'd imagine they could throw in a couple clams
Drivers/Car Numbers: 73/74
Team Requests (anything you would like to see in this series?): Basic Wazzlenomics :deletraz:
Schedule requests (any track the team would like to see on the schedule?): Needs less Sonoma and more Riverside :P
Optional Introduction (how did this team find out about this series? this is optional): Having been a dominant Formula Ford chassis builder through the 70s and early 80s, Ross Ambrose and Ralph Firman Sr are looking to branch out into other motorsports, and see the ERL as an ideal platform to peddle their wares to prospective customers

Biscione wrote:"Some Turkemenistani gulag repurposed for residential use" is the best way yet I've heard to describe North / East Glasgow.
by dr-baker 02 Oct 2021, 08:23
Team Name: Racing DeLorean Team
Works or Privateer?: Works, in a universe where the DeLorean Motor Company survived
Constructor: (eg: Honda) in-house DeLorean with input from Lotus of course
Main Sponsor (and how much there bringing into the team): DeLorean, bringing in British tax payers money and profits from a successful business model of selling cars! And substantial sponsorship from new music group Run-DMC as a joint collaboration in promoting each other.
Drivers/Car Numbers: 27 - Donald Mann, older relative of Pippa and Douglas Mann (yes, I do understand this is (not yet) canon)
26 - someone either Irish or American to draw in more funding for the DeLorean Motor Company
Team Requests (anything you would like to see in this series?): a side touring car series similar to BMW PROCAR M1 series that supported F1 in 1979/80. Of course we are going to suggest that everyone uses DeLoreans...

Optional Introduction (how did this team find out about this series? this is optional): this will be created over time, a work in progress

Oh, and Chevy engines please.
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dinizintheoven wrote:GOOD CHRISTIANS do not go to jail. EVERYONE ON FORMULA ONE REJECTS should be in jail.
by ShaneEyoho 03 Oct 2021, 20:44
Ok teams, There are a few of you now so we will begin the driver signing period for those teams yet to sign drivers to their cars, real and fictional drivers are allowed as long as their from the time period, if a driver from later years is currently in their youth career then they can be signed as a part time driver unless the team has full confidence in said driver.
by Rob Dylan 03 Oct 2021, 21:42
I mean, can I sign anyone? If I can, I'll have

#3: Nigel Mansell Image (yes please!)
#4: Barney Holland Image (a fictional driver I just made up, I'll invent a backstory as we go along)

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!
by Butterfox 03 Oct 2021, 23:56
VDS will - as intended - sign Thierry Tassin, he will bring Debic sponsorship.

Teddy Pilette, who was at this time hanging around in the USAC championship, will be the second driver.
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I don't know what i want and i want it now!
by TomWazzleshaw 15 Oct 2021, 19:22
Van Diemen will try for the following drivers:

#73 - Dennis Firestone
#74 - Alan Jones

Biscione wrote:"Some Turkemenistani gulag repurposed for residential use" is the best way yet I've heard to describe North / East Glasgow.

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