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by Pilot 30 Mar 2017, 00:55
So I was bored, and while browsing through the BSMF I cam across dr. baker's alt. championship and had an idea of my own using the numbers system used in dr. baker's championship.

The Formula One League

A quick run down.

This will start in 1985.

Part Time Entries will count towards the driver that drives it the most.
At this point, F3000 is the feeder to F1. We could call it the League One of English Football, while F1 is the Premiership. The first season will use the numbers each team had before, however, after 1985, the drivers will use the numbers they got from the WDC.

Each year, the top three drivers from F3000/GP2 are promoted to F1, and the bottom 3 F1 drivers are relegated back to F3000/GP2. However, in 2010 GP3 will be added.

Drivers can stay in the system until they are 40, then they will retire.

This will be done when I have time.

(What if's will be addressed when and if they happen.)

Code: Select all
Position   Driver              Team           Car Number     points total    revised total    original position
1.         Alain Prost         Ferrari        #2             73              146              1st
2.         Niki Lauda          Ferrari        #illfinishlater


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