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Pick your Infinite Improbability Drive of the Race!

Poll ended at 10 Sep 2021, 16:34

Pierre Gasly 9
Robert Kubica 12
Valtteri Bottas 0
Zandvoort and the Dutch Grand Prix 1
Total votes : 22
by Londoner 05 Sep 2021, 14:37
1. Zandvoort. More passing than expected, and a great atmosphere all weekend, fantastic addition to the calendar!

2. Valtteri Bottas. It took four years, but finally he makes a big baller move to ignore team orders, leaving us in no doubt he's leaving Mercedes. Good on him.

Honourable mention to Pierre Gasly and Robert Kubica

kevinbotz, discussing magnesium wrote:But it's so light and lovely, Tommy. Never mind that it effectively turned Grand Prix cars constructed out of it into incendiary bombs. :P
by RAK 05 Sep 2021, 14:41
1) Pierre Gasly: While great results have been a bit of a habit of his this season, he was still well ahead of Perez in the parent team, let alone his teammate in the sister car.

2) Valterri Bottas: Big Balls Bottas with the attempt at the fastest lap added a bit of spice to a race that was pretty much done by that stage, even if Hamilton took it at the end.

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by Klon 05 Sep 2021, 14:48
1. Robert Kubica - called in at the shortest notice and performed as well as the man he replaced would've performed. You could argue this was the Kubica comeback the world should've had instead of the 2019 mess.

2. Zandvoort - that atmosphere was just excellent. There's no way you can't love this as a sports fan.

HM: Valtteri Bottas - one last act of defiance. Useless, but the spite is appreciated.

by IceG 05 Sep 2021, 15:20
(1) Zandvoort - brilliant race, brilliant circuit, brilliant fans and somehow now red flags during the race

(2) Bottas - ha ha for his excellent attempt at one-upping Sir Lewis (see also RotR)
by Meatwad 05 Sep 2021, 15:20
1. Pierre Gasly: Amazing drive, best of the rest in both qualifying and the race. He deserves another opportunity in a top team.
2. Robert Kubica: Given the circumstances, he did a very good job. I expected him to be last (or fail to finish), but he outqualified both Haas drivers and finished ahead of several cars, just one position behind Giovinazzi!
by Freeze-O-Kimi 05 Sep 2021, 15:34
Robert Kubica: Considering he only jumped in the car on Saturday morning he did a very creditable job and his race performance showed just how bad that 2019 Williams car actually was. Yes he was battered by Russell but does that really look bad now? If Kimi can’t return for Monza then I wouldn’t be against Robert keeping the seat there.

Valterri Bottas: Well it only took him 5 seasons but he’s finally shown some bottle while also telling the entire planet that he won’t be a Mercedes driver come 2022

HM’s to Pierre Gasly for a stellar weekend and Zandvoort for giving a fantastic atmosphere. Verstappen has now done what Alonso did for Spain and put his country on the F1 map.
by rachel1990 05 Sep 2021, 15:50
1- Kubica- coming in at such short notice and doing a reasonable job under the circumstances. He did well.

2- Gasly- got 4th and Making certain people at Red Bull very uncomfortable.

HM- Bottas for finally putting two fingers up at the team and ignoring the team order causing a little bit of panic. He knows he is going and hopefully won't put up with anymore BS- (Though he does deserve to lose his seat at the team)

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by Vassago 05 Sep 2021, 15:53
1. Valtteri Bottas - only for ignoring TO and getting the FL which forced Hamilton to pit in order to regain it. I wish he showed more anger inside that car now that it's clear he's getting axed.

2. Robert Kubica - jumped from the couch to outpace the Haas cars which wasn't a given. I don't know how he finished ahead of Latifi in the end but it's still a boost to beat a man who basically replaced him at Williams.

95 GP / 63 DNF / 5 pts
by Francis23 05 Sep 2021, 16:14
1. Gasly- reaching a point with him where a top 5 finish is almost expected
2. Kubica- Great drive all things considered...yes Haas are shocking but I was expecting him to be at the back

HM: Zandvoort...what a track
HM: The fans - was worried about how hostile they would be, but they were very respectful and generated a brilliant atmosphere
by Miguel98 05 Sep 2021, 18:42
1. Robert Kubica - Perhaps his best driver since his arm almost slid off his body. Really surprised me given how much in short notice he was called in.

2. Pierre Gasly - Great drive again and best of the rest.

Honorable mention to Zandvoort - that atmosphere, man - and to Bottas for finally being a heel.

Mario on Gutierrez after the Italian Grand Prix wrote:He's no longer just a bit of a tool, he's the entire tool set.

18-07-2015: Forever in our hearts Jules.
25-08-2015: Forever in our hearts Justin.
by Rob Dylan 05 Sep 2021, 20:05
1. Zandvoort and the fans: it wasn't the world's most exciting race, but it certainly wasn't the stinker some folks were doom-saying about. And the fan reaction to Verstappen reminded me of 2006 Brazil, or the times Mansell won at Silverstone. Just brilliant reactions from the folks in the grandstands. That's two weekends in a row where the fans have been the MVPs.

2. Pierre Gasly: I think it's infinitely improbable not in the fact that he finished highly, but as some others have pointed out, he did it without any drama. He was totally and convincingly in that position from qualifying to the end of the race. Brilliant driving.

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!
by dinizintheoven 05 Sep 2021, 20:20
Rrrrrmmmmnnn Grrrrjjjjnn and Kevin Magnussen - for jumping ship when they did, even if in at least one case it was involuntary. The right decisions were made all round.

Giedo van der Garde and Robert Doornbos - Dutch Rejects extraordinaire doing the interviews.

Sergio Pérez's tyres - had red stripes on them but appeared to be made of titanium.

Rory Burns and Haseeb Hameed - 77/0 overnight when I'd expected both of them to be out cheaply and one other England batsman as well, at least. Tomorrow will be very interesting.

Old Amsterdam Oude Gouda - so you think Dutch cheese tastes of nothing, do you?

Billy Monger driving HubNut's Invacar - just because I'd like to think it'll happen one day. Someone get the two of them together at the Goodwood Festival of Speed or some similar event.

James Allen, on his favourite F1 engine of all time:
"...the Life W12, I can't describe the noise to you, but imagine filling your dustbin with nuts and bolts, and then throwing it down the stairs, it was something akin to that!"
by Butterfox 05 Sep 2021, 20:28
dinizintheoven wrote:Old Amsterdam Oude Gouda - so you think Dutch cheese tastes of nothing, do you?

Got to agree to disagree on this one :P

Yeah Gasly done a good job, just ridicoulously solid. Honourable mentions to Kubica, Bottas' sass and i guess Zandvoort is still a shitty track but it looks cool doing it, so kudos for looking cool doing it.

I don't know what i want and i want it now!
by Butterfox 06 Sep 2021, 00:28
golic_2004 wrote:I am going to go left field and say this person: Davina Michelle, who sang the Dutch National Anthem not once but TWICE and it was the most beautiful thing I have heard this year. I never even heard of her till today and I must say I am now a fan.
Sucks sometimes that my broadcaster doesn't broadcast national anthems.

I don't know what i want and i want it now!
by Rob Dylan 08 Sep 2021, 16:35
This time there were four candidates again, but four that towered over all the rest. Who do you think was the most infinitely improbably candidate from the Dutch Grand Prix? You have 48 hours to vote :dance:

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!

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