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by Londoner 15 Sep 2021, 19:59
Good evening everyone

It's time for another Driver Profile, and we've got a treat for you lovely people. One of those elite band of men who drove for Minardi in their formative years, and also the godfather of our beloved HRT, it's time for Adrián Campos to take the GPR spotlight.

This is a rather important piece for Grand Prix Rejects, in that it's the first time we've decided to reprofile a driver who appeared on the old website. Our profile master Rob Dylan has decided this was the right time to cross the 107% barrier, and I think you'll all agree he's done it justice. Read it here tonight!

Driver Profile: Adrián Campos

kevinbotz, discussing magnesium wrote:But it's so light and lovely, Tommy. Never mind that it effectively turned Grand Prix cars constructed out of it into incendiary bombs. :P
by CoopsII 27 Sep 2021, 11:30
Very nice. Enthusiasm and passion very much making up for the lack of results, God rest him.

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