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by Londoner 01 Oct 2021, 18:30
Evening everyone

Regular users of the forum may remember giraurd's embryonic Justin Wilson profile which he had been working on prior to the tragic events at Pocono in August 2015. During the lockdown of spring 2020 plans were made to complete and publish, which were sadly delayed by the website's downtime. Girry and the rest of the GPR editorial team have expanded the original text, in such that we can now present a two-part profile on the Minardi and Dale Coyne legend.

Covering the first half of Wilson's career through his junior exploits up to his eyecatching Minardi performances, the first part is now up for your reading pleasure.

There has been debate on whether we should present Girry's article as a full-blown GPR Driver Profile or simply a Centrale retrospective like the Remembering Roland article on the former F1 Rejects website. We ultimately used the precedent that while drivers who passed away in an F1 car are ineligible to be profiled, drivers who passed away in other motorsport categories had been profiled on F1 Rejects, such as Jo Gartner. It is an emotive subject and we can see the arguments for and against. We hope you understand our reasoning.

Driver Profile - Justin Wilson Part 1

mario on Michael Masi wrote:The popular opinion seems to be that Masi would be out of his depth in a paddling pool
by dinizintheoven 02 Oct 2021, 07:39
I was waiting for this post so that I could see if it was going to be derived from the work that giraurd had already done. Glad to see it is.

I will read it when Part 2 is posted, so I can get the whole story in one sitting.

James Allen, on his favourite F1 engine of all time:
"...the Life W12, I can't describe the noise to you, but imagine filling your dustbin with nuts and bolts, and then throwing it down the stairs, it was something akin to that!"
by CoopsII 02 Oct 2021, 09:31
I really enjoyed part 1 but I'm not looking forward to part 2, knowing how it will end.

Just For One Day...
by Rob Dylan 13 Nov 2021, 14:32
CoopsII wrote:Did part 2 ever appear?
Soon :chilton:

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!
by giraurd 08 Dec 2021, 15:48
Part two is up now. Sorry all for taking my time to complete it; been very busy with work and moving cities. Hope it honours JW sufficiently.

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