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by Ataxia 25 Dec 2017, 10:00
Dear all,

We wish you a warm and Merry Christmas, and wish you all the best for the New Year!

Thanks for making this an excellent place, and long may it continue!

Good tidings,

The team

Mitch Hedberg wrote:I want to be a race car passenger: just a guy who bugs the driver. Say man, can I turn on the radio? You should slow down. Why do we gotta keep going in circles? Man, you really like Tide...
by dr-baker 25 Dec 2017, 12:32
And a Happy Christmas to you too!

watka wrote:I find it amusing that whilst you're one of the more openly Christian guys here, you are still first and foremost associated with an eye for the ladies!
dinizintheoven wrote:GOOD CHRISTIANS do not go to jail. EVERYONE ON FORMULA ONE REJECTS should be in jail.

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