2021 Site Year in Review

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Rob Dylan
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2021 Site Year in Review

Post by Rob Dylan »

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd do a mini year-in-review just to keep you updated and to give room for feedback and communication between both our sides. I know that the forum is a little quieter these days now that Discord has become the go-to chat function for much of the community, but it has still been good to see regular posting done on the forum here, and thank you to all of you who do.

As anyone who's been with us for over a year will know, the website, forum and wiki were all down for just over six months between July 2020 and January 2021. Eventually, a fix was found and everything has been recovered, and it had other positive consequences as well. Our group of moderators and editors have an easy platform to communicate with each other on, and it has helped us revive our roles to get GPRejects back on track finally after a few stagnant years. Our team these days consists of:

- Miguel98: our technical guy, fixer of the forum and editor of articles!
- Klon: our de facto chief moderator, podcaster and writer of the monthly Gravel Trap column!
- Londoner: our social media guru and chief editor!
- yours truly: I write race reports and driver profiles, while running competitions and polls!
- Our collection of mods: Ataxia, Dom, Nuppiz and Tommykl!
- Our collection of writers: Roblomas, Aislabie, Giraurd, Frogfoot9013, Pinkd56!

and many more who help out in various different ways on the side. We've done really well (if I say so myself) in getting into a new normality where we deal with technical issues directly as they come, and post consistent and regular articles for all you readers out there.

Now going into the stats: in 2021 we published no less than 50 articles on our website! Of those this includes:
- 22 race reports
- 12 Gravel Traps
- 3 unique features
- 2 op-eds and reviews
- 6 reject driver profiles (including a two-parter)
- 3 podcasts (including a two-parter)

Along with articles we've been running the official Reject of the Race awards after races, as well as our yearly Predicament Predictions competitions. The fantasy series over at PMMF have been as active as ever, and Paul Stoddart still sees some healthy discussion even in the craziest times of this season gone by.

And now comes the time for you to give us some feedback. I'm opening up this to the floor because, as always, I want us to be as transparent as possible in finding out what it is you want to be different or better in any way. For the coming year we have some plans to refurbish the website and the forum to help streamline them and to update their purposes for modern traffic. Likewise we want to continue our regular publishing schedule and are going to be working hard on adding more multimedia centres such as our dormant YouTube channel.

However, there's no point us running around and doing things if it's not what you want as our community. Let me and the moderators know in this thread what you think about anything and everything to do with GP Rejects. I'll get back to you here and I hope we can have a nice productive discussion.

In the meantime, happy holidays, and thank you for joining us in what I can sincerely say was a really positive year for Grand Prix Rejects.
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Row Man Gross-Gene
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Re: 2021 Site Year in Review

Post by Row Man Gross-Gene »

Thanks and great job to everyone running things and putting in time on articles, features, contests, admin, and moderation etc.!

I was very happy to get this outlet back because I love to read thoughtful commentary and discussion, and this place has it. I only find myself wishing for a bit more activity. One possible suggestion would be to make the Stoddart forum the place for both current and past/historical F1 discussions. I'm interested in both, but my habits and time constraints usually lead to me only reading the Stoddart forum.

Let me stand on my panderbox for a quick moment. The level of discussion/discourse here is light-years ahead/above of the various comment sections and other spots where I sample the opinions of the hoi-polloi. That's a compliment to the admin/mods and the people who post here. It's also why I want to read more from you.

Best wishes in the new year!
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