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by Londoner 23 Jan 2021, 13:04
Good noon everyone

It wouldn't be a proper GPR relaunch without some new content, and boy have we got something for you lovely people today. It's effectively a driver and team profile combined. Lance Stroll isn't the only North American driver in F1's history called Lance. Some 60 years previously, a minted young man from Colorado decided to build his own cars to embarrass those European fairies in their own back yard...with typically disastrous results. This is the story of Lance Reventlow and his Scarab project.

We received this lovely profile from a mysterious benefactor, for the sake of privacy let's call them 'Ataxi A'...No, that's too obvious...uhh. Let's say 'A. Taxia'. Anyway, for your weekend pleasure, read away!

Profile: Lance Reventlow

kevinbotz, discussing magnesium wrote:But it's so light and lovely, Tommy. Never mind that it effectively turned Grand Prix cars constructed out of it into incendiary bombs. :P
by CaptainGetz12 25 Jan 2021, 01:46
Short but sweet, nice to see this forgotten car maker get some attention, and an interesting character to boot. Well done!

Klon wrote:What did poor André do to you for him to be insulted like that?
by Ataxia 14 Feb 2021, 21:42
If only I'd seen that before! When I was writing the original piece on the Scarab for Autosport, I spoke to Julian Bronson - who raced them in historic events - about his car. He'd fitted it with a standard Offenhauser engine rather than the desmodromic version, and says that given time, the car could have been pretty competitive.

Another side note - Scarab got Colin Chapman to design the rear suspension, and in lieu of payment Reventlow gave him a transporter which Lotus used for years!

But the bottom line: it was a really pretty car. It's a shame it was on the wrong side of the obsolescence line...

Mitch Hedberg wrote:I want to be a race car passenger: just a guy who bugs the driver. Say man, can I turn on the radio? You should slow down. Why do we gotta keep going in circles? Man, you really like Tide...

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