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by Wallio 08 Jun 2017, 18:52
Wilkes-Barre is home to the Giant's Despair Hillclimb. This year will make 111 years, and doing some research on it I found this picture of Carroll Shelby in a Ferrari 375 in the 1956 race.

What makes this neat is that its the same 375 that Ascari ran at Indy a few years prior. Historian Michael Lynch noted; ‘…the body had been modified since the car ran at Indy. The cars original serial number was simply no 1. That was then changed to #0388 in Ferrari’s normal sportscar numbering series, probably when the bodywork was modified’. NART ran the cars for Shelby, but in all red with factory status.

So you have two "nn-reject rejects". The 375 was a total reject at Indy with one DNF and no less than 5 DNQs to its credit. And Shelby, despite having a pedigree everyone knows, scored ZERO World Championship points.

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