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by This 06 Nov 2018, 02:18
Wow indeed i already forgot about Di Resta's williams stint!

I did not forget Giovinazzi's because at least he crashed spectacularly. And Buttons immense 'motivation' was certainly unforgettable as well :D

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by dr-baker 06 Nov 2018, 16:19
This wrote:And Button's immense 'motivation' was certainly unforgettable as well :D

His motivation to pee into Alonso's seat, you mean?

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dinizintheoven wrote:GOOD CHRISTIANS do not go to jail. EVERYONE ON FORMULA ONE REJECTS should be in jail.
by UncreativeUsername37 11 Nov 2018, 17:08
Bruno Senna was the one put in Heidfeld's seat in 2011. I remember Heidfeld losing his drive, but I totally forgot it was Senna. Even though he was in eight races, the idea he was part of 2011 is so weird to me.

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