Mike Harris 1939-2021

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Mike Harris 1939-2021

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Yet again it is left to me to report the names from F1 dropping off the face of the planet, in my increasingly rare visits... it'll be me one day, and then where will you be?

DEATH #1 OF 3 FOR LATE NOVEMBER 2021, for the JDD forum: Mike Harris, died 8 November 2021, aged 82.

He was one of those South African drivers (even though he'd been born in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia) who took part in the South African Grand Prix and no others, his only appearance in a World Championship event was the 1962 event, in which he retired - thus making him a Reject. His motorsport career didn't go on for much longer after that - after Gary Hocking was killed in the 1962 Natal Grand Prix, Harris decided enough was enough. That he lived for another 59 years would appear to vindicate his decision.
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Re: Mike Harris 1939-2021

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I won't reply to each one individually, but thank you for doing this, good sir. They always make for good reading and for stories of drivers I never previously knew about. Thank you.
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Re: Mike Harris 1939-2021

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dinizintheoven wrote: it'll be me one day, and then where will you be?

I guess that depends on what day it actually is, if it's a Tuesday I'll be at my Boxing-Improv Class.
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