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by dr-baker 23 Jan 2016, 22:08
Mike MacDowel's only Formula One appearance was in the French Grand Prix 1957, where he shared a drive with the legendary Jack Brabham. MacDowel's stint in the car was 17 laps, and between them, they brought the car home in 7th place (in the days where the top-5 scored points). His career also spanned a lot of hill climbs and club racing. He died on Monday 18th January but his death was announced today (Autosport) (Wikipedia). His cause of death was cancer. He was 83 years old.

RIP Mike MacDowel.

watka wrote:I find it amusing that whilst you're one of the more openly Christian guys here, you are still first and foremost associated with an eye for the ladies!
dinizintheoven wrote:GOOD CHRISTIANS do not go to jail. EVERYONE ON FORMULA ONE REJECTS should be in jail.

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