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by CaptainGetz12 18 Jun 2019, 18:33
Not sure if this was made a topic yet, but I did find an article (or part of one) which talked about a potential Mercedes F1 team that entered in 1992. Use as you will.




Klon wrote:What did poor André do to you for him to be insulted like that?
by F1 Livery Histories 05 Jul 2019, 00:49
This would have been awesome if it happened. Especially if Peter Sauber was at the helm. An all-German driver lineup of Schumi & HHF would have been a mouth watering prospect.

Seems that 90's F1 could have taken a completely different course had all of the bigtime manufacturers entered the sport as they had planned. We could have had a grid that featured Ferrari, Merc, Peugeot & Honda factory teams as early as 1993!

Plus, Jaguar, Renault, BMW & Toyota were all just around the corner.

Could have been just like 90's BTCC.

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