[RESOLVED] Formularejects cannot display images

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[RESOLVED] Formularejects cannot display images

Post by CaptainGetz12 »

I have no idea how long this error has persisted, but any image uploaded from formularejects.com cannot be displayed. When I try to display an image the following error shows up?

"The image <insert URL here that ends in .tga> cannot be displayed because it contains errors".

I use Firefox, but other people report on other browsers that the error shows up there too.

Here is an image of the error:
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Re: Formularejects cannot display images

Post by DemocalypseNow »

Targa images files are not supported by any major browser without the installation of a third party plug-in. This is normal behaviour.

Regardless, I will now change the code on FR.com to force download certain filetypes on left-click, so this will not happen in future.

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