Recent Downtime

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Recent Downtime

Post by DemocalypseNow »

I imagine you will all have noticed site availability has been very poor over the last few days.

We have been suffering from a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack 24/7 for several days now by a rouge botnet. We can't do anything about the fact it won't stop attacking, but the existing measures which had until now served us well when it came to dealing with DDoS attacks in the past simply didn't work this time around.

However, after spending hours troubleshooting and implementing various fixes, with various degrees of failure, I finally found one that - while not ideal - has stopped the botnet using up server resources. That's all the problem was - nobody could access the site, as the botnet swamped the website with requests and hogged all the resources available to serve pages for itself.

We haven't seen the back of it, but hopefully it won't be impacting on site performance. At least until the next botnet, which attacks something different, comes along!
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Re: Recent Downtime

Post by dr-baker »

Thanks, Biscione, for all your efforts to keep this place going.
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