And on tonight's Top Gear...

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And on tonight's Top Gear...

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Actually, he doesn't, he recruited Tiff Needell to put on his favourite pink and purple striped jumper and drive the lap for him.

You can take this as a hint, and a very big one at that, that I've written the first few tentative words of an Official GPR Profile of the man on the telly whose real name is Timothy but nobody's called him that since he was in short trousers. According to Wikipedia, he will turn 70 in October next year... but I'm not going to leave it that long; apparently, this year marks half a century since he first took to a racing school, so it seems like a fine way to celebrate... at least, celebrate the fact that a not-entirely-stellar career in all sorts of motorsport did at least get him a few well-known gigs on TV.

Anyone who wants to email or PM me bits and pieces of Tiff-facts that I might want to know is entirely welcome to do so, and the result should be worth every minute of your time that was spent reading the AGS articles. Because you all did, didn't you?

I am involved with quite a few ongoing projects, one of which has just been dropped on me today and is to be sorted out very rapidly (and at great expense), so this isn't going to be done overnight. The release date will be "when it's ready", a bit like Duke Nukem Forever, but I will aim for a far higher quality than that... thing, and a far shorter development time. If it isn't done by the British Grand Prix weekend, I deserve a kicking - I could even aim for the London ePrix in June, but preferably it'll be before that as well.

Onwards we go...
James Allen, on his favourite F1 engine of all time:
"...the Life W12, I can't describe the noise to you, but imagine filling your dustbin with nuts and bolts, and then throwing it down the stairs, it was something akin to that!"
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