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by Londoner 02 Apr 2021, 09:13
Good Friday everyone :)

The Bahrain GP certainly proved a tonic for everyone struggling through this never-ending lockdown, but it also sparked large amounts of controversy, all around track limits.

In a rare bout of topicality for Grand Prix Rejects, we've taken an inside look at track limits to analyse the mass of messy decisions Michael Masi has made in his two years in the hot seat. Rob Lomas has used his journalism skills to pull this together, and you can read his results right here today!

Steward Ops: Michael Masi’s Inconsistent Line

kevinbotz, discussing magnesium wrote:But it's so light and lovely, Tommy. Never mind that it effectively turned Grand Prix cars constructed out of it into incendiary bombs. :P
by roblo97 02 Apr 2021, 10:48
Thanks for letting me write something and thanks to Miguel98 for the advice and feedback while writing it! Any feedback would also be much appreciated as it was the first time I’ve written an editorial piece!

Mexicola wrote:
shinji wrote:
Mexicola wrote: I'd rather listen to a dog lick its balls. Each to their own, I guess.

Does listening to a dog licking its balls get you excited?

That's between me and my internet service provider.

One of those journalist types.
270 Tube stations in 18:42:50!
by Rob Dylan 04 Apr 2021, 15:08
I like it too. Distanced but discursive, exactly as it should be. A rare, but welcome bout of topicality I should say! Looking forward to the next article :)

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!

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