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by Nuppiz 12 Feb 2021, 20:14
When the forum was put back online a few weeks back, we made it possible for all of you to change your forum nickname without having to ask for an admin to do that for you.

However, for the sake of clarity it'd be appropriate that should you decide to change your nickname, you also announce it to others so we know who we are dealing with. Since making a new topic for every name change would be pointless, this thread shall serve as the central location for such announcements.

Eurosport broadcast for the 1990 Mexican GP prequalifying:
"The Life, it looked very lifeless yet again... in fact Bruno did one, slow lap"
by Ducktanian 18 Mar 2021, 13:26
Dartanian --> Ducktanian

Murray Walker: "A lot of people here are really debating whether Ricardo Rosset is Formula 1 material"
Martin Brundle: "Well, it's a fairly short debate, Murray".
by roblo97 02 Apr 2021, 10:41
roblomas52 - roblo97

Mexicola wrote:
shinji wrote:
Mexicola wrote: I'd rather listen to a dog lick its balls. Each to their own, I guess.

Does listening to a dog licking its balls get you excited?

That's between me and my internet service provider.

One of those journalist types.
270 Tube stations in 18:42:50!

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