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Pick your Infinite Improbability Drive of the Race!

Poll ended at 14 May 2021, 07:00

The Alfa Romeo mechanic with lightning response skills 10
Charles Leclerc 10
Daniel Ricciardo 4
Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes master plan 1
Total votes : 25
by Londoner 09 May 2021, 14:46
1. Charles Leclerc. For a while he looked like he'd beat Bottas for the final podium place.

2. Daniel Ricciardo. Much improved performance this weekend.

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by noiceinmydrink 09 May 2021, 14:51
Daniel Riccardo takes my top spot, looked very good all weekend and convincingly outperformed Norris. Good on the guy, lovely to see.

My number two is gonna be Nicki Latifi. He passed a few cars in inferior machinery and was close to George Russell the whole way through. Only question I have is why he was boxed so early in the race? Could have done even better if not for that.

by Aislabie 09 May 2021, 14:52
Eh... I don't feel like anyone performed in an especially unexpected way.

Charles Leclerc for getting ahead of a Mercedes on Lap 1 and not being overtaken on-track until only a few laps to go.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for putting on a genuinely engaging Grand Prix, which I'm sure was nothing to do with testing being held elsewhere this year.
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by rachel1990 09 May 2021, 16:14
Again not a lot of Options

HM- Russell- Looked more on the back of the midfield than the back of the pack at times
HM- Ricciardo- a much better weekend overall

2-Charles LeClerec- I don't know if Sainz is underperforming or is LeClerc outperforming the car, but still it was a good effort to get 4th place.

1-Alfa Romeo Wheel gunner Good of them to notice quickly that the tyre had a puncture otherwise it could have been a bigger disaster than what it was in the end

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by Miguel98 09 May 2021, 17:49
1. Daniel Ricciardo - Best weekend for him this season so far and despite some rather questionable... defense moves on Pérez.

2. Charles Leclerc - Making miracles in the Ferrari yet again.

Honorable mentions to Kimi Raikkonen for making the alternate strategy work from the start, to Lewis Hamilton for another mega drive and to the Alfa Romeo wheel gunner who noticed the puncture on the tyre.

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by Rob Dylan 09 May 2021, 21:18
The problem with Formula 1.5 is that it's very hard for drivers outside the top four teams (seriously, just LOOK at that gap behind Ferrari in the constructor's standings!) to make performances that get noticed and actually make a difference. Therefore I think Charles Leclerc probably gets this one by default, seeing as he put in an amazing performance that merited a great result.

Bottas gets an honourable mention from me for not letting Hamilton through out of petulant spite. Had he somehow stopped his teammate from winning through deliberate blocking, it would have been a wonderful meltdown post-race. We didn't get that unfortunately, but it was nice to see Bottas "standing" "up" "for" "himself" for a solid 30 seconds of his Mercedes career. Though even writing that I realise that it probably rejectfully reflects on the Finn rather than redeems him. Had his 30 seconds of rebellion actually reaped any reward then sure. Alas he seems consigned to getting sacked at the end of this year. Maybe he knows something we don't...

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by RAK 09 May 2021, 21:20
1) Charles Leclerc: I kind of expect the Mercs and Verstappen to be up at the pointy end of the grid come the chequered flag now, so Leclerc did a good job in keeping Bottas honest for a while, at least.

2) Lewis Hamilton: A boring nomination considering that I expect the races that don't feature him on the top step of the podium this season to be the exception rather than the rule, but he actually worked hard for this race victory for the second time in a row, clocking up his century of poles in the process. I don't like that he's dominated for so long, but I can't fault him for his performances across the last two races.

Honourable mention: Nikita Mazepin - he actually got to the end of a second race in a row, albeit with a considerable margin again to his teammate.

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by mario 09 May 2021, 21:21
Leclerc seems the most likely to get this - being well clear of a Red Bull was impressive, and he was miles clear of the next nearest midfield runners too. Holding a podium was always going to be a big ask, but it does feel as if he got the best he could out of the car.

Ricciardo perhaps deserves the next nomination, if only because he was able to turn around what had been, until now, a fairly difficult first few races at McLaren by being emphatically faster than Norris and by having to withstand a lot of pressure from Sainz in the latter part of the race (it was, admittedly, a little spoilt by his weaving on the straights and getting a warning from race control over that).

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by tBone 09 May 2021, 22:02
Charles Leclerc - very strong weekend throughout, but his great start was the icing on the cake.

Mercedes - clearly the best car in race circumstances, by a mile. I genuinely didn't expect that after the first race(s).


by dj_vicious 10 May 2021, 04:14
1. The Spanish Grand Prix itself. As fans we set the bar so low for this race that any action would have been a surprise. A relatively tame race, but with a nail biter for the race for 1st. The fact that this Grand Prix didn't completely suck is a slam dunk for IIDOTR.

2. Lewis' race/Mercedes Race Strategy It was a bold strategy Cotton, and boy did it pay off. As I said in my ROTR post, Red Bull didn't have a #2 driver in position to cover off the tactic, and they were caught with their pants down and pissing in a 40Kt headwind. Having said that, it took a good strategy and a great driver to pull it off. I'm not cheering for Mercedes of Hamilton, but hats off to that.
by Batty 10 May 2021, 08:04
1. Alfa Romeo mechanic - Great spot!!! Saved his team a lot of troubles.

2. Daniel Ricciardo - I expected it from Charles tbqh. The Ferrari is a better car than last season and Charles is a good driver. Daniel has been on the back foot this season and destroyed Norris this week.
by Freeze-O-Kimi 10 May 2021, 18:49
The Mercedes Strategists: once again they proved that they are the best in the business. Hamilton drove well but that decision won the race. Without it we’d have had a fairly boring stalemate to the end such is the difficultly to overtake at this track

Charles Leclerc: easily the best non regular podium finisher of that race. Stick him in either the Merc or Red Bull and we’d see real fireworks

A shout out to Williams who actually looked like solid midfielders here. Maybe they were helped by a different strategy but considering how much they plummeted in Portugal they hung on in there this time.
by UncreativeUsername37 10 May 2021, 19:29
Mercedes deserve some kind of meta IIDOTR for managing to do something unexpected and cool when they've done the double for the past seven championships. That guy who noticed that puncture deserves a mention too. Russell also stood out, and I think it's fair to say he likely wouldn't have fallen back like that if he was in a midfield car. Not a feel-good result, but still the kind of thing this award is about.

Rob Dylan wrote:Mercedes paying homage to the other W12 chassis by breaking down 30 minutes in
by Rob Dylan 12 May 2021, 07:01
Interesting. With such a straightforward race, we now have more main candidates to choose from for our feel-good award. They are on the poll at the top of this thread. 48 hours to vote, get voting! :dance:

Murray Walker at the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix wrote:The other [Stewart] driver, who nobody's been paying attention to, because he's disappointing, is Jan Magnussen.

Felipe Nasr - the least forgettable F1 driver!

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