Driver Profile - Tora Takagi

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Driver Profile - Tora Takagi

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Evening everyone

Throughout the years Formula 1 has seen many drivers from Japan tackle the pinnacle of motorsport,with varying levels of success. Almost 50 years on since the trailblazing pilots of Kojima in the mid-70s, the nation is still awaiting its first F1 race winner. In the late 1990s a quiet, mysterious young man from Shizuoka looked destined to write his name in the F1 history books. However, his top-level career consisted of one promising season at Tyrrell and a deflating saga at Arrows, with not a single points finish. His name was Toranosuke Takagi, and he certainly wrote his name in the Grand Prix Rejects history books!

This profile, has been a joint effort between Rob Dylan and our latest debutant to the GPR writing roster, our very own Kinnikuniverse! Kinnik provided the bulk of the profile with Rob helping to neatly tell and tie up Takagi's story, which you can read right here!

Driver Profile - Tora Takagi
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Re: Driver Profile - Tora Takagi

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This is the greatest day of my life.
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