Clearing out The Gravel Trap

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Clearing out The Gravel Trap

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Evening everyone :deletraz:

Apologies for the tardiness in publicising our latest posts. We've had three recent Gravel Trap columns from Klon, the June edition looks at the increasing use of the red flag as an entertainment tool across multiple motorsport categories and what might be done in future to parlay safety concerns.

The July Gravel Trap ruminates on Red Bull breaking McLaren's 35 year old record of 11 consecutive wins, looking at comparisons between 1988 and 2023.

The most recent edition, our August Gravel Trap is a piece written in the white heat of the 2023 Formula E finale around the Excel Exhibition Centre, inviting comparisons to other notable season finales in motorsport history.

Catch all three columns right here today!

A Meditation on Red Flags for Entertainment Purposes


Last Impressions - The Effect of Season Finales
Fetzie on Ferrari wrote:How does a driver hurtling around a race track while they're sous-viding in their overalls have a better understanding of the race than a team of strategy engineers in an air-conditioned room?l
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