Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

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Pick your Infinite Improbability Drive of the Race candidate!

Poll ended at 29 Sep 2023, 07:28

Liam Lawson
Total votes: 15

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Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by TomPryce »

There really wasn't anyone. I guess McLaren for not making any errors on the way to 2-3, but...
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by sswishbone »

1) Mclaren - didn't finish more than 30 seconds behind Verstappen as predicted

2) Lawson - beat Tsunoda in a straight fight on home territory, will Red Bull regret their announcement?
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by Meatwad »

Oscar Piastri: Not really that unexpected, but his first podium deserves a mention. :)
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by Batty »

I don't have any.

Like, I can't think of any at all. Everyone kind of went with expectations or bad.

I don't think there is one for this race.
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by IceG »

Nothing unexpected or improbable
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by Alextrax52 »

Nothing for me as well. McLaren podiums aren’t shocking anymore and everyone else performed more or less how the weekend said they would
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by rachel1990 »

Sadly it's another nothing.

Shows how poor certain teams and drivers are at the moment.
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by pi314159 »

No one really exceeded expectations in this race, but there were a few good performances that deserve pointing out.

- Max Verstappen drove another perfect race. Sure, anyone could win the title in this Red Bull, but not everyone would do so in such a dominant fashion.

-Lando Norris was best of the rest once again. But until Max stumbles, that first win continues to elude him

-Oscar Piastri drove a fine race to score his first podium, but he was fifteen seconds behind Lando.

-Liam Lawson matched Tsunoda again and finished just ahead of him. That such a performance no longer exceeds our expectations shows how impressive he has been in his short time in F1.
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by James1978 »

No real standout candidates here but I guess Oscar's first podium has to be the feel-good event.
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by Har1MAS1415 »

Oscar Piastri for finally scoring his first podium!
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by IceG »

It occurs to me that the IIDOTR is the DBTOTR trophy which is shared between Russell in 7th and Sainz in 6th so both two places behind their team-mates.

Everyone else was two-by-two or had their team-mate retire!
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by tommykl »

Piastri stood out for getting that first podium secured and showing good pace throughout, but in most other races there would be more impressive drives. Ultimately everyone did, at best, as well as expected.

Now, ROTR on the other hand...
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by Rob Dylan »

The candidates are ready, and the poll is open! You have 48 hours to vote for your infinite improbability drive of the race candidate! :dance:
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by Row Man Gross-Gene »

Why no Piastri option? He had at least three nominations.
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Re: Japanese GP IIDOTR 2023

Post by Londoner »

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