Driver Profile - Lella Lombardi

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Driver Profile - Lella Lombardi

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Evening everyone.

It's time for another Driver Profile, and this may be one of the most important ones we've ever published. Out of nearly 800 Formula 1 drivers over the last 74 years, only five have been female, and only one has reached the scoreboard in a World Championship Grand Prix. Yes, we've chosen the trailblazer that is Lella Lombardi!

Our profile maestro Rob Dylan has worked his magic tenfold to tell Lella's story, which also took in copious Le Mans entries and even a one-off ride in NASCAR! It's hard to believe Lombardi rubbed shoulders with the likes of Richard Petty, Darrell Waltrip and fellow GP Reject A.J. Foyt, but that's exactly what she did! She even outlasted future NASCAR stars such as Bill Elliott and Ricky Rudd! Read it all and more here!

Driver Profile - Lella Lombardi
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Re: Driver Profile - Lella Lombardi

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[Insert obligatory dr. baker post] :deletraz:
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Re: Driver Profile - Lella Lombardi

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Butterfox wrote: 27 Sep 2023, 07:24 [Insert obligatory dr. baker post] :deletraz:
I can't possibly imagine what you mean. Lella Lombardi? Who he?!

I'd better read the article and find out.
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Re: Driver Profile - Lella Lombardi

Post by dinizintheoven »

I found a couple of issues in this one - I read it on its release (which I haven't been doing recently, and should).

Twice there's the use of the word "grift" (of derivatives thereof) when what Rob/Jeremy meant was "graft". One of those is in a picture caption. "Grift" is, if anything, the complete opposite - and more than a bit derogatory.

And, (engage nasal nerd voice) "208" wasn't the frequency of Radio Luxembourg, it was the wavelength (in metres). AM stations tended to be classified that way at the time. "Make a date with 208", as the advertising tagline went. Incidentally, the frequency was 1440 kHz in the quantised-by-9 system (and quantised-by-10 over the Atlantic). 208 kHz would be a long wave frequency, and would be quantised to 207 kHz anyway.
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Re: Driver Profile - Lella Lombardi

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Thank you for the feedback, I'll get these phrases corrected. I want to improve with every article so I do appreciate it.
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