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Idiot of the week

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Enzo Deligny for Red Bull Junior at the Spanish F4 championship in Barcelona

*Puts one car onto the grass and almost into the wall at the start, then violently swerves across the track
*Given a time penalty
*Refuses to come in to serve it
*Ignores team instructions on the pit board to box
*Given black flags for not coming in
*Ignores them and is disqualified
*Attempts to drive into parc ferme after the race has finished and has been disqualified
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Re: Idiot of the week

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You're way underselling him pushing a car onto the grass, if there hadn't been a pit lane exit there he would have been 3 car widths onto the grass himself! Paused at 9:19, the video looks absolutely ridiculous.
It's just unbelievable...that Formula 1 could be such a ridiculous melange of idiots.

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