The Aislabie Motorsporting Universe

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The Aislabie Motorsporting Universe

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Well, while the forum has been down I've got started on quite a large new project.

The Aislabie Motorsporting Universe will eventually be a complete alternate history of four-wheeled motorsport (excluding rally), starting from the 1902 Circuit des Ardennes (real life version here), which in this universe is the first ever Grand Prix.

Although I can't promise to keep this thread entirely up to date, I can offer links to places that will be updated more regularly:
A fair amount of detail, such as which series will occur when and which races those series will include, has been planned in advance, but there will undoubtedly be a great deal of difference between this and the real world. More than happy to answer questions in here, but the quickest way of getting answers is probably on the #eddie-jordan channel on the discord server.

Hope everyone is well, and welcome back to GPR
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