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E-mail Problem

Posted: 28 Jan 2021, 19:16
by Miguel98
Good afternoon,

There's a small problem with the Grand Prix Rejects e-mail currently. Due to the bugfix applied to getting the forum working, a bunch of e-mails got sent at the same time to multiple users, which made our e-mail host block our account.

We are currently working hard to fix this problem. Don't be surprised if over the next few days, if some of you receive messages with 2-3 years old in your e-mail from Grand Prix Rejects.

For those who have forgotten their password and need to recover it: if you need to have a new password and aren't receiving an e-mail, I will check the log until this problem is fixed and send you an e-mail using my own e-mail, with the necessary links.

Best regards,

Re: E-mail Problem

Posted: 08 Feb 2021, 14:27
by Miguel98
I think our little e-mail problem is fixed. New host for the e-mail. Still need to add the admin team to it, but its almost there, and fix some stylings in the default e-mail.

Some things that will happen as well
-> E-mail will be sent out to all users everytime a new article comes out (or as the F1 season approaches). I will work on a template for that.
-> E-mail will be sent out to all users notifying the website is back up.