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Teammate Collision - Episode #4: The 3TT

Posted: 20 Apr 2022, 07:32
by Rob Dylan

That's right, Jeremy and Lennart are back with the latest episode of Teammate Collision, our very own Grand Prix Rejects podcast. We return with a name that's so long and inexcusably strange that the forum wouldn't allow me to write the whole thing on the thread title.

Our newest episode is called The Threetastic Triangular Thinktank, and it's available to watch now!

In the episode we discuss, with our very own special wise guest Klonfucius, the highs and lows of each F1 team in the flyaway rounds. Who should be confident? Who should be wary? Who should count themselves very lucky? In an extended runtime we also go into our opinions on the Saudi Arabian farce, and what the upcoming Vegas Grand Prix says about Formula 1's relationships with its current jewel in the crown...

Enjoy the podcast! Leave your comments and thoughts below :dance: