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Alt-America Reference Material

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Since GPR canon is short on American series, especially historical stuff, I whipped up some reference materials.

This is a spreadsheet listing the career stats for everyone who has raced at least once in a NASCAR Cup series race:

NASCAR History

And here's one listing everyone who has raced at least twice in any Indy Car season - USAC, CART, IRL, CCWS, IndyCar - since 1946.

IndyCar History

Both sheets contain the driver's number of career races and wins, the first and last years of his career, and a 1-10 ranking of his peak skills.

A couple of notes:
  • The prime ranking is a calculation based on many things, but it isn't perfect. Yes, Dale Earnhardt Sr. should be a 10. Yes, 8.5 is too low for Mark Martin, but he never did win a championship. Yes, some IRL drivers are significantly overrated, but they beat who showed up.
  • Remember that drivers are rated for what they did on the track. There are some open-wheel racers with very high grades on the NASCAR list. If you use them as full-time drivers with that rating, they will be incredibly OP. If you only use them on road courses, they should be fine.
  • I wanted to list every Indy Car driver to make a start, as I did with NASCAR, but there were too many skewed numbers because of drivers who only ran the 500 and finished very high or very low. If I use one-start seasons, Michel Jourdain Jr. rates as a 10, and the 5 worst drivers in the history of the sport include Alberto Ascari, Jean Alesi, and Nelson Piquet. Senior, not Junior.
  • Dan Gurney is a 10 in both lists, but I'm more impressed that A.J. Foyt is an 8.5 on the NASCAR list in over 100 starts. Danica Patrick is a 4 in the IndyCar list, making her the highest-rated female, and a 3.5 in NASCAR, behind Sara Christian (4).
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