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Missing the Points - Spygate Revisited

Posted: 23 Oct 2022, 15:18
by Londoner
Afternoon everyone

Somehow it's been 15 years since Spygate rocked Formula 1 to its core. But as we all know, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were allowed to continue competing for the championship and all of their points and victories remained with them, even as Bernie and Max booted McLaren from the constructors. But what if the FIA had barred the team entirely after Monza 2007, and redistributed all of their points around the field? The third instalment of Aislabie's Missing the Points column covers all of these eventualities, and you can read about it right here on GP Rejects!

Spygate Revisited

Re: Missing the Points - Spygate Revisited

Posted: 22 Nov 2022, 21:55
by yannicksamlad
Terrific thanks. Good to see Nick Heidfeld getting a win, in this particular alternative universe