2021 WTCM Revival

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2021 WTCM Revival

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This is actually Dodgeful Artist's series but he can't access his account so I'm posting this on his behalf

Businessman Vic Torious has decided to revive the long-dead WTCM series, which became defunct in the early 1990s. A very rich man, he also owns the Vic Torious Racing brand, a team which will be taking part in the series.

Attached is the points system and calendar for the first season post-revival, scheduled to take place in 2021.
The following cars will be used:
Chevrolet Cruze
Ford Focus
Honda Civic
Renault Fluence

With this post, driver/team applications are open!
You can enter as many drivers as you like, the entry list at the moment is as follows:

Sidenote: This series will be taking place in Automobilista 1.
noot l'univers :dance:
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