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by Londoner 30 Nov 2021, 19:08
Evening everyone

This month we published our very first Gravel Trap two-parter, where Klon took a deep dive into David Coulthard's 2001 title challenge, pondering how exactly did our favourite Scotsman go from being 4 points off the lead after six races to a whopping 58 points behind Michael Schumacher at season's close. Catch both parts right here!

The End of David Coulthard's Championship Dreams Part 1

The End of David Coulthard's Championship Dreams Part 2

mario on Michael Masi wrote:The popular opinion seems to be that Masi would be out of his depth in a paddling pool
by Bleu 01 Dec 2021, 19:45
There's a small mistake regarding Nürburgring race. Schumacher was aware that his T-car had some problems and went for a shakedown - with car stopping on track. He then took his race car and won.

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