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Profile – André Testut

André Testut is a driver little-remembered among the Formula 1 community, for his exploits in the series were hardly moments of legend. Monied and enthusiastic, Testut was a staple of the French racing scene outside of Formula 1 throughout most of the 1950s, though he

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 is back and in style, with a race of fluctuation at Bahrain which saw the Ferrari hype train gain some real momentum for the first time in many years. As Charles Leclerc takes himself and the Scuderia to the top of the standings, fortunately

Reject of the Year 2021

2021 was an exhausting year, and an equally exhausting season for F1. Exciting, yes. Drama-filled, yes. Perfect, absolutely not. In fact, with drama almost inevitably comes rejectdom, and 2021 at times felt it was mocking the modern viewers of F1 with all sorts of brand-new rejectful

Book Review: Nigel Mansell – Staying on Track

Back in 2015, 1992 Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell published his most recent autobiography entitled Staying on Track. With a title as thrilling as the man himself, this author finally got around after some years to review it, and share some nuggets of wisdom

Profile – Nino Vaccarella

“Calm and staid on the outside, you could feel that within him burned the fire and passion of his native land” Enzo Ferrari on Nino Vaccarella Winning one’s home race is on the bucket list of every professional racing driver. Nino Vaccarella did just that,

Profile – Helmut Marko

Respected F1 drivers rarely ever leave the world of motorsport. Even after they hang up the racing gloves, there are many opportunities open to a retired driver: commentating, advising, representing, managing teams and drivers. The subject of today’s Driver Profile, Helmut Marko, falls into almost

GPR Awards – 2021 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Following on from a series of ever-increasing follies from the Red Bull camp, it looked like Lewis Hamilton was going to take the championship at the death. However, a spectre in the form of Michael Masi and race control instead dropped the title right into the