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GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen dominated yet again in 2022 by taking victory at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. With Carlos Sainz Jr. providing some last-minute pressure, an otherwise uneventful race had enough action in it to simmer over nicely. However, much of that late-race action was caused by a

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

As Max Verstappen avenges the lost win of 12 months ago, it seems Formula 1 is truly going in Red Bull’s direction this year. The defending champion took another win and another closer step towards a possible second championship this year. However, their rivals’ stumbling

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

After all the kerfuffle in Monaco over the weekend and all the manufactured talk over the track’s place in the calendar, it felt like fate itself was putting political pressure on the organiser’s to give the public a classic track. Sergio Perez’s win was certainly

Profile – Giorgio Pantano

When it comes to Formula 1 and any other sport, not everyone is a Boris Becker or a Max Verstappen. Some are indeed late bloomers and take unusual paths on their way to the top. The following reject, the Italian Giorgio Pantano, was one of

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

Predictions change quickly in Formula 1 – just as a few weeks ago it seemed that there was a possibility of a two-team fight to the constructors’ title, we have already seen the full return of Red Bull, along with the promise of a three-way

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Miami was not all Liberty Media and the sycophantic motorsport press hyped it up to be, that’s for sure. Boasting a living imitation of the old Valencia street circuit, $15 hot dogs, a collection of boats glued to plastic, and an endless stream of vacuous