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Stéphane Sarrazin on his way to ninth place in the Tour de Corse.

RejectWatch 2017: Where are they now?

To the untrained eye, it may seem that Formula One drivers simply appear upon their début and vanish into the ether after their career has ended. However, this is Grand Prix Rejects, and a cursory glance at previous articles published on this very website will

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Johnny Claes: Part 3 – A Claes Of His Own

1951 had been Johnny Claes’ most successful season, with three race wins, while 1952’s switch to Formula Two regulations allowed him to be more competitive regularly. After these two years, Johnny’s results would fade away, but he would not go down without a fight. 1953:

Germany 51

Johnny Claes: Part 2 – Top Of His Gaeme

After only two and a half years in the sport, Johnny Claes had established himself on the racing scene. He wasn’t considered a world-class driver, but his yellow Talbot-Lago had become a mainstay in the Grand Prix paddock, and he had scored his maiden victory

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Johnny Claes: Part 1 – The Staert

How a jazz bandleader became the first true Formula One backmarker, contributed to the glory days of Belgian motorsport and pulled off one of the sport’s best ever drives. Formula One backmarkers come in many shapes and sizes. There are the one-off appearances who come