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GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix

For the second year in a row, Max Verstappen sailed to victory in front of his home crowd at Zandvoort. This year’s performance was quite a bit more ominous in its shades of Sebastian Vettel in 2013, and a late-season romp appears all but inevitable

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

As Max Verstappen won from much further back than reasonable this time, Formula 1 is already preparing to add the Dutchman’s name to the list of double world champions. His ascension to the history books certainly quickened at the Belgian Grand Prix, as we at

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix was a bizarre start to the summer break of 2022, with Max Verstappen following his mentor Nigel Mansell by spinning and winning for the second time this year. We had George Russell, known as Mr. Saturday at Williams, taking his first

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen dominated yet again in 2022 by taking victory at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. With Carlos Sainz Jr. providing some last-minute pressure, an otherwise uneventful race had enough action in it to simmer over nicely. However, much of that late-race action was caused by a

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

Predictions change quickly in Formula 1 – just as a few weeks ago it seemed that there was a possibility of a two-team fight to the constructors’ title, we have already seen the full return of Red Bull, along with the promise of a three-way

GPR Awards – 2022 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

The last of our flyaway rounds, Formula 1’s return to Albert Park offered some much-needed familiarity after a succession of five consecutive races in empty deserts at night. After three years away, Ferrari came in strong with yet another dominant victory in the hands of