Grosjean confirmed as IIDOTR for Melbourne

2016 Aus GP IIDOTR - Romain GrosjeanFor those of you who frequent the forums, you will be well aware of the Infinite Improbability Drive of the Race, a feel-good award for those that rose to the occasion and upset the odds during a Grand Prix. In a nutshell, like Formula 1’s Driver of the Day, but with less bias and rampant multiple voting.

While Formula 1 had to rig their results to make Romain Grosjean their DOTD, GPR’s more sensible members (who would think we’d ever be saying that!) gave the Frenchman an emphatic win for the community’s IIDOTR award, easily beating his own team, Haas, to second place.

The first nominee unconnected to the new boys on the grid was the very real demonstration of how far car safety has come in the sport over the years, with voters taking time to commend the enormous punishment Fernando Alonso’s McLaren took during his violent crash at Turn 3. That he simply crawled out of what little was left of his car and walked away is testament to the strength of the monocoque and the impact-absorbing design of the various parts surrounding his cockpit.

Also getting a tip of the hat was Daniel Ricciardo for his measured drive to fourth, the success of the new tyre rules of this season, and Jolyon Palmer for measuring up well against his more highly-rated team-mate Kevin Magnussen.

Unlike a certain other poll, Rio Haryanto could only muster a measly tie for 9th place in the list, Rubens Barrichello failed to notch any points, and tragically Boaty McBoatface also did not receive a single vote.

2016 Aus GP IIDOTR Results: 1st Grosjean 327pts; 2nd Haas F1 119pts; 3rd Car Safety 42pts; =4th Daniel Ricciardo 24pts; =4th New Tyre Rules 24pts