Welcome to Grand Prix Rejects!

Welcome to the brand new Grand Prix Rejects website! Rising from the ashes of the former Formula One Rejects site, GPR’s mission is to deliver the best content on the web for everything rejectful in grand prix racing.

Since taking over many of the assets of the former F1 Rejects website, we’ve upgraded, secured and improved much of their former site. Here’s just some of what to expect from Grand Prix Rejects;


While the very retro 1990s feel of the original website was certainly part of the charm of the website, it was unfortunately quite hard to maintain (and laced with malicious code after the former F1R website was compromised in October 2014). We were sad to see the old design go, but unfortunately it was a necessary step. We’ve started from scratch, with a new design for both the main website and the forum.

One key improvement in this area is compatibility; both the website and forums are now fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices!


The GP Rejects Forum is the same forum you know and love, with a small twist; a new interface. While on the surface it may look like a new forum, all user accounts spanning as far back as March 2009, the inception of the original F1R Forum, and all associated posts and topics are still online. No need to make a new account, just login with your existing credentials!

Site Content

While at this moment in time the content from the former iteration of the website is unavailable, we are working hard to return this to the web, and in time previous content will begin to trickle back into public view. New content is on our agenda too, with more details on this front to be released later.

Social Media

A new site means new social media accounts! Keep up to date with the latest news from GP Rejects, including new profile and content release announcements, on our new Twitter and Facebook profiles. Don’t forget to check the News section of the website for important site announcements as well.


We hope you enjoy the new Grand Prix Rejects experience. If you have any queries or suggestions about the transition from F1R to GPR, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], or give us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s to the losers!

Alasdair & Niko,
Grand Prix Rejects Administrators